Substituting Dark Thick Sauce With Bovril

My 2 gals love to eat ‘kon loa’ noodles (or noodles with dark thick sauce) from the hawkers stall. I don’t like my gals to be eating too much dark thick sauce as it’s an unhealthy condiment – the sauce is loaded with sugar that’s cooked till it becomes thick caramel. Any carbohydrate that is overcooked and burnt produce cancerous chemical.

Since they are starting to get bored with eating fried noodles and noodles with soup, I made them my own ‘kon loa’ noodles today, with Bovril. What I did was stir fried some onions, shallots and fish paste (can also use minced chicken or pork meat) with sesame seed oil and add some Bovril to it. The sauce is then added to the boiled meehoon and they tasted like the ones sold by hawkers, really tasty.

I shall be cooking this dish again soon and this time, I’ll snap a pic of it and post it in my blog.

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Loans For My Wish-List Items

There are a few items that are on my wish-list now. First, I really need a good vacation before my 3rd baby pops out. Next I need to get myself a car as we now only have one car to rely on. When hubby goes to work in his car, I am practically stuck at home without a car and can you imagine how bored to death I am at times?

What I need now to help me realize my dreams is to get some Cheap Loans or unsecured loans from a good lender. If only we had a financial comparison website here like, I don’t have to go through the hassle of spending hours on the telephone calling banks and lenders for information.

At, you can easily search and compare all types of loans ranging from homeowner loans, personal loans, car loans and business loans at the comforts of your home or office. It’s hassle-free and you get the best deals after comparison with major financial institutions.

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What A Morning

Last night around midnight, I had reserved an offer from TigaPi. This morning, when I tried to reserve the offer again, the dreaded red words appeared! This has happened far too many times albeit the 6 hours is not even up yet. Never mind, there were still a few offers shaded in green and I happily reserved another one. After cracking my foggy brain and typing for around half an hour, I wanted to publish the post and clicked on the reserve tab again. Holy shit, the dreaded red words appeared again!!  Lighting does strick twice at the same spot!  I just can’t believe the jinx. But God is kind, I managed to reserve 2 more offers and had successfully submitted the posts to TigaPi. Now I can only pray that these 2 posts will be approved by TigaPi.  What a great start to a Saturday morning!

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Should I Follow My Parents To Spain?

My parents who have retired are having the time of their lives now. They have been traveling and touring places ever since they retired a few years ago. They will be visiting China in 2 weeks and they have even listed down where they would like to visit next. Since my dad has never been to a European country, they will most likely travel to some countries in Europe.  My brother who had recently returned from Spain gave his thumbs up on Madrid and my parents are now getting all excited about visiting this European city.

My parents have asked me to help them organize this trip since I have previous experience handling my former boss’ travel arrangements in Spain.  Well, this is not much of a problem for me,  in fact I love making travel arrangements. I just need to read up on the hotel news that I have bookmarked on my computer to book their Madrid accommodation and my brother told us that finding hotels in Madrid is never a problem. My parents have asked me to join them in this trip and I’d love to follow too but then again, who is going to look after my new baby? Bring the baby along together with my 2 gals? I think that would be a little troublesome but oh well, if my parents are willing to pay for our travel expenses, why not?  Something worth considering!

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Me Appearing on TV?

Last night, I was invited by a blogging mom to appear on TV3. TV3 would like to interview mothers who blog for money and she was invited by someone from TV3 who is a reader of her blog. I was like “what, me appearing on tv? No way, my pregnancy hormones have made me look awful now. I don’t look appealing and I have zits on my face. Aiyoh…. no way” Anyway, Alycia will still be in school at that time, unless she skips school for one day, which I don’t really fancy the idea. So, I’ve let another opportunity for me to be the star of the moment slip by me again!

Thanks anyway for thinking of me, you know who you are 🙂

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