New Pumpkin Patch Skirt and School Bag

Today, daddy bought a funky skirt for Alycia from Pumpkin Patch @ Gardens, Mid Valley City. Alycia has expanded quite a bit over the last few months and she could not squeeze into most of her pants and skirts anymore. She has begged daddy to buy her a pair of jeans but all the jeans for her size at Pumpkin Patch were too long and too tight at the waist –  my fatty bom bom’s tummy was bulging out after the jeans was buckled up.

She looked really gorgeous in the funky skirt with a big pink belt but my tomboy Alycia doesn’t like skirts, she only wants to wear jeans! Daddy had to persuade her at the shop to say yes to the skirt before he paid for it! And guess how much the skirt cost? Well, it cost more than what I had bought myself today. I bought myself a sleeveless top, a 3/4 pants and a pair of shorts. I can’t believe kids these days are so pampered. I can’t remember having such luxury to choose my own clothes when I was young. My mum would only buy us clothes that were on discount.

After paying for the expensive skirt (and my heart was so ‘sum thoong’), we walked all the way from Gardens to Jaya Jusco at Mid Valley Megamall. Whilst I shopped for my clothes and a school bag for Alycia, daddy brought the girls to the indoor theme park again.


Later, we walked back to Gardens and shopped for our groceries at Cold Storage. Daddy bought some beef steak and we’re going to have steak for dinner tomorrow.

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