I’m Hooked On Steak

This baby must be a meat lover, especially beef, pork ribs,  mutton and curry chicken. I am really crazy over steak and hubby is more than happy to know that coz he loves steaks too and now, he has even more excuses to buy steaks. Each week, we will shop for our steaks at Village Grocer or Cold Storage as they have better quality steaks there. Better quality meaning the meat are from cows that are fed with good quality grains and the texture of the steaks are more tender and not tough. We tried buying cheaper quality steaks but the steak turned out hard and tough and I chewed till I nearly had locked-jaw and in the end, the steak ended up in the bin.

And oh yes, I got a tip from hubby. In order to have softer and more tender meat, pound the meat before frying it either with a meat pounder or the back of a meat chopper. It really makes a big difference. Some people use meat tenderizer but I have doubts using such chemical. I’ve also read that papaya juice is a natural meat tenderizer but I haven’t tried that yet – I don’t want my piece of steak to taste like papaya! Hubby likes the steak lightly marinated with salt and a dash of Lea & Perrin sauce or HP sauce.

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Pre-Natal Vitamins

These are the pre-natal vitamins that I am currently popping :

Vitamin E, Multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Calcium Lactate and 

I have recently started to pop Neuro Gain, a kind of fish oil that’s supposedly good and recommended by gynaes too. It’s very expensive costing almost RM2 per capsule.  It’s known to aid in the baby’s brain development. I hate the taste of it when I burp, eeuuuu…. so fishy.

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Check Out This Health Site

Being a heath freak, I just love reading magazines, books and articles that are health related. It all started many years ago when I constantly fell ill and had all types of ailments from head to toe from headache to heartburn, gastric, persistent throat infection, nose allergy, PCOS, infertility, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many more ailments. My ailments were mostly contributed by work-related stress. I did a lot of research and reading from the internet to get information on my ailments and the treatments and remedies available. This has spurred my interest in reading health related articles up until today. I have just discovered a health site that provides free health information on many types of ailments. There are also very informative articles on healthy foods,  living healthily, obesity and weight loss,  health 2.0 and much more articles that you would find really interesting and beneficial for your reading.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from ailments like diabetes, asthma, snoring, hemorrhoids, eczema, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or just about any other common disorders or if you’d like to get some really handy tips on healthy living, I strongly recommend you to check out FurtherHealth.com and bookmark this informative health site.

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