Sunflower Seeds

After tasting a couple of sunflower seeds that were meant for Alycia and Sherilyn’s paper sunflower craft at Sunday School last Sunday, I was hooked on the seeds. The next day, I went to the grocery shop to buy a packet which only cost RM1-00.

This brand of sunflower seeds has a tinge of herbal taste and even the 2 brats liked it.  The packet of sunflower seeds was finished within 2 days and today, I bought another packet to munch on!

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Affordable Email Marketing Software

A friend of mine who runs an organic shop is looking for ways to increase the turnover and profit of her business. She has already created a website for her shop and is now planning to reach out to more people to create awareness on her organic shop.

She found out that there is a very affordable email marketing software that enables her to market her shop through email. Through this software, she will be able to email her existing clients as well as new clients whenever there are new products or promotional items at her shop. She will definitely give this software a go since there is a free trial period and no credit card is required! With this free trial, she can send a free email campaign to not more than 30 contacts each month. Maybe I should also ask hubby to consider trying out this email marketing software for his catering business.

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