Fruitful Day

Despite my computer being sent to the computer shop for repair and a thorough disc scan today, I still managed to complete 9 paid posts and 16 non-paid posts for both my blogs, making a total of 25 posts in a day.  I always feel I work better under pressure. I was trying my best to rush off at least half the number of assignments this morning before the computer guy came to my house at 10am and within a short time of 3 hours, I managed to finish off 10 posts.  I’m drop dead exhausted now and feel nauseous. I haven’t gotten much sleep last night as I was up almost the whole night checking on Alycia. Looks like it’s going to be another sleepless night for me tonight.

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Airline Miles Credit Card

My brother and his wife are both professionals and they are required to travel overseas quite a bit in their jobs. Apart from business trips, they also go for frequent luxury overseas vacations. They can afford such luxuries as they can redeem quite a substantial number of mileage points from their Airline Miles Credit Cards as well as from their SIA frequent flyer cards. Maybe it’s a good idea that I ask hubby to apply for an Airline Miles credit card for ourselves too. Since we both have an Enrich frequent flyer card, we can combine mileage points from both our frequent flyer cards and Airline Miles credit cards to redeem air tickets to Hong Kong for a holiday next year.

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Sherilyn Loves Tagging Along To The Gynae’s Office

Sherilyn loves following me to my gynae’s office as she gets to shake hand with the dr, plays with a tiny black rubber ball from the dr’s office and most of all, she gets to see her little…. don’t know brother or sister on the screen.  She also gets to eat some snacks while waiting for mummy’s turn and after the appointment, we normally have lunch outside.  But it’s freezing cold at the dr’s office!

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Update on Alycia

Daddy brought Alycia to the clinic this morning and the paed said that she has ulcer in her throat. Oh dear, how did this happen? She’s been drinking plain water and barley like a camel but how can she still be getting ulcers? I guess she just cannot tolerate crackers and biscuits as she’s been eating quite a bit of them lately.

She has no appetite today and is only eating very little plain porridge, Watercress soup, watermelon, cool organic juice and barley. Daddy also bought her a plain chiffon cake and banana muffins in the evening, which she loves. 

She’s still having fever now and I’m praying that she’ll get better tomorrow.

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I Want To Buy A Jogger

I still have quite a long way to go before my due date but I’m already starting to worry how I’m going about to go for my morning jogs when the baby arrives. What I have in mind is to purchase a jogger to put the little one in whilst I go jogging in the park in the morning. I’ve already started visiting a few online baby shops to search for one that’s sturdy yet affordable but there are so many brands available and so many types of joggers. So I went to and I had some good reads on reviews on all the different types of joggers available. Based on the reviews, I think I will most likely get an all-terrain jogger. Though the all-terrain jogger is pretty costly, but it is still cheaper than buying a treadmill!

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PR4 For My Blog!

I got a surprise of my life today when Hui Sia sent me a text message at around noon  informing me that the Google PR of my blog has been promoted to PR4!  I just could not believe her and I could not check it myself as my computer was still at the shop.  When my computer finally came back, I quickly did a check on a few Google PR checker tools and it’s true, my blog indeed has been promoted to PR4. I can’t believe it, it’s just too good to be true.

This blog of mine is only 6 months old and it has far exceeded its performance beyond my expectation. I’ve worked very hard and I’ve sacrificed many things to achieve this ranking. But I can’t be too happy either as this Google PR thingy is fleeting and for all I know, my PR may be demoted in the next exercise just like what had happened to most bloggers in the most recent Google update exercise.

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Finally Got My Computer Back

The computer guy finally sent my computer back. I was told that my computer was badly invaded by virus!! No wonder it keeps hanging and acting so strangely lately. He had installed an AVG anti-virus software into my computer.

He had also installed the new version of Internet Explorer, version 7 into my computer and consequently, my Blogspot blog went haywire. The header is still distorted now and I have to get if fixed soon.

The computer guy also told me that the motherboard in my CPU is in a terrible state and it will conk out anytime. OMG, this means I have to buy a new CPU and that’s going to cost me RM1,500+.  Well, I hope I get to earn more now that my ranking has gone up so that I can replace my CPU before it pulls the plug on me.

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My Insurance Agent Desperately Needs Sales Leads

My insurance agent was even more excited than I am when she found out that I am pregnant with my third baby. But of course, there’s always an ulterior motive and I know she’ll be the first few people to visit me after my delivery as she’s desperate to get hubby and me to purchase an insurance from her for our new baby. Sales has been pretty bad for her lately and she told me that she desperately needs a couple of new buy lists to generate prospect leads so that she is able to meet her sales target. Her boss has given her the ultimatum that if she is unable to meet her sales target in 3 months, she’ll get the sack! I told her to check out for assistance and I hope she gets what she wants.

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