MacDonalds Craze

After reading Barbara’s post on A&W on Sunday,  I was really craving to eat fast food, particularly burgers.  So the next day, daddy brought us to MacDonalds at Mid Valley Megamall.  Daddy didn’t want us to be eating fast food and had suggested going to this new Taiwanese Restaurant at Gardens but I told him we should not be dining at such expensive restaurants all the time.  In the end, I got what I craved for and ate to my heart’s content a double cheese burger, 1 piece of fried chicken, some nuggets, french fries and shared a chocolate fudge Sundae with the gals.  I’ve not been such a big eater for so long but after starving myself of fast food for almost 1 year, I finally ate all that I had wanted, and it felt so good after that!

My double cheese burger.

Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn ate a few tiny rat bites of her burger and lost interest in it. Ended up drinking the iced Milo that came with the Happy Meal, some french fries and of course ice cream. Talking about ice cream, there’s another drama to the MacDonalds chocolate fudge Sundae and the cone ice cream (is it called Twister?).  I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Alycia grinning from cheek to cheek eating her long forbidden food. No wonder she’s so glad mummy is preggers coz she gets to eat a lot of forbidden food, food that mummy rarely ate before she got pregnant.

After the ice cream episode, I told hubby that it will be the last time we are eating at MacDonalds. So stay tuned for my ice cream drama.

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Awesome Gifts Everyone Will Love

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Gion Japanese Bread

When we were at Mid Valley Megamall on Monday, daddy bought us a loaf of Gion Japanese bread, aka the most expensive bread I’ve ever eaten.  It costs RM18 for one loaf and they don’t sell half a loaf.  Though it’s  expensive but it’s really tasty and can even be eaten on its own without any jam, butter or ham.  Within 3 days, we chomped down half a loaf and we still have another half loaf in the freezer.

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A Used Car Dealer That Stands Out From The Rest

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Burger King

After my appointment with the fetal specialist today, daddy asked the gals what they’d like to have for lunch.  Both Alycia and Sherilyn wanted to have burgers as they got hooked to burgers when daddy brought them to MacDonalds on Monday.  I didn’t want fast food as they are not the healthiest of food but when the gals vote for something, mummy’s suggestion is always disregarded.

Anyway, the girls had loads of fun at the indoor playground.  Alycia gobbled down her beef burger whilst Miss Spitty Spat only ate a bite of chicken nuggets, some onion rings, french fries (she loves these junks) and her good old cereal.

Daddy surprised Alycia when he told her that he has booked a birthday party at Burger King for her to celebrate her 4th birthday this Sunday.  I was gobsmacked!  With less than 3 days of notice, I am sure most of my friends would not be able to attend the party.  Anyway, I’ll see how many will turn up.

After taking a bite of the chicken nuggets, Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn tai cheed everything to Alycia who gladly took them with open arms and open mouth.

Miss little social butterfly on the birthday throne.  As she sat there she could not stop singing the nursery rhyme “Old King Cole Was A Merry Old Soul” as she saw the king’s crown and this made all of us laughed so hard.

On Sunday, it will be cheh cheh’s turn to sit there and have all eyes fixated on her.  

Please hop on to my other blog to read up more on the detailed scan on my baby and the prognosis of the baby’s dilated kidney.

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Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child

Chin Nee would like my views on whether I agree with sparing the rod and let the child rot or otherwise.

For me, I feel every child is different and should be handled differently.  If my 2 rascals were obedient and do as I say, I would gladly spare the rod and never want to have anything to do with it.  But unfortunately this is not the case and as with most toddlers, mine are willful, rebellious and seem to turn deaf to my instructions (selectively).  I am really amazed with how some parents can spare the rod and raise very well behaved kids.  I really need to learn from them.  I know mine will stray without the rod.  So far, they can be disciplined with the rod and I hope that as they outgrow their toddlerhood, I can gradually spare the rod too.  

I’d love to hear how these parents discipline their kids and whether they spare or use the rod :

1. Jo-N
2. The New Parent
3. Scribbles For My Angels
4. ImMomsdaughter
5. Elaine


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1. Miche does not spare the rod.
2. Chinnee still spare the rod at this moment.
3. Healthfreakmommy does not spare the rod.

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Turn Your Business Around

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Sherilyn Loves Her Baby Sister

Sherilyn simply adores her baby sister.  Not only does she kiss, hug and talk to her baby sister in my tummy, she also kisses her ‘pictures’, i.e. the print out of the scan.  Everyday, she would open my drawer to fish out the print out of the scan.  Then, she will stare at the pictures and kiss them incessantly.

And she looks sooooo terribly cute when she does that.  

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Health Tip

Another very simple and straight forward tag from Chin Nee.

Copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.) Share one of your own health tip (tip on how to be more healthy) with others. Try to make your tip short but informative.

Tag at least 2 person.

 1. Be happy – Everyday health and beauty
2. Be contented with what God Bless us – chanelwong
3. Be faithful – Ruth
4. Laugh a lot – Chinnee
5. Follow a healthy regimen and remember to exercise! – Healthfreakmommy

Tagging time :

1)  Estee Soo
2) Twinilla

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Which Brand of HDTV Is Good?

After months of talking about getting a new HDTV, can you believe we still have not bought one yet? Well, hubby and I just can’t decide whether to get a panasonic HDTV, a Toshiba HDTV or a Samsung HDTV. These are all good brands but we just can’t settle for one. We are always very fickle when it comes to buying expensive electrical items as we really want to get one that can last us for the next 10 years at least! I think I’ll just go to to read up on all the well known brands and product description of LCD HDTVs available in the market. That will at least give me an idea of what features I should be looking for in a HDTV.

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Alycia Is Reading!

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Alycia Learns To Read From The Compute

Learning loves to read from the computer but I just can’t afford to let her rule the computer for long as I’ve got assignments with deadlines to meet.  So whenever I read to her from the computer, she shows great enthusiasm and concentration and picks up words pretty fast, way faster than learning to read from books.

Lately, Alycia’s reading skills have improved by the leaps and bounds.  Ever since I gave her a pep talk and told her that she needs to improve on her reading and writing before school reopens, she has put in extra effort and now, she can even read an entire book given to her by her pre-school on her own.  I am so proud of her achievement.

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How People Get Themselves Embroiled In Debts

Before I conceived Alycia, I went through many years of infertility. When rounds after rounds of Clomid failed to make me pregnant, my hubby and I were hell-bent to go through IVF, no matter how much it would cost. We knew it would cost us tens of thousands of bucks if we were to go through a few rounds of IVF. Though we did not have that much savings for the procedures, we were however very determined to go ahead with the procedures and were prepared to borrow money. Fortunately, our prayers were answered and we did not have to walk through that path as I had succeeded in my first round of IUI, a procedure that was way cheaper than IVF.

There are many childless couples out there who were not as lucky as I was. I have a friend who sold her car, borrowed from friends and even took personal loans from a few banks to go through three rounds of IVF before they finally had their twin boys. When their boys were born, they were overjoyed to be parents after a long struggle but that was also the start of their journey to struggle with another problem – their piling debts. When they could not repay all their debts, they then sought debt help from a non-profit organization and after having their debts consolidated, they are now slowly and steadily repaying their debts.

If you or your loved ones are facing serious debt problems, there is hope of clearing your debts and avoiding bankruptcy at, a not-for-profit debt advice organization that offers people free impartial debt advice. Check them out today and free yourself of debts once and for all.

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Maid Stories

I caught  saw my maid walking out of the house to meet her friend boyfriend (she maintains he’s only her regular friend) for about 3 minutes yesterday afternoon.  When I asked her, she admitted that her friend passed her a letter and asked her to go out in 2 weeks’ time as he has a day off.  I advised my maid to be wary befriending men, especially a foreigner whom she barely knows.  I told her that there is no ending in their relationship as he will not follow her to Indon when she returns and she can’t stay in Malaysia either.  I also told her stories of young Indon maids who had been impregnated by men who later did not own up and washed their hands clean.  It would be so embarrasing to be sent home in that manner.  I told my maid that as long as she works for me, I will not allow her to go out, especially with men.  This is also strictly against her contract with the agent. 

Many of my readers had commented that I am being too liberal with my maid.  From my experience with 4 previous maids, I find that being too strict with them and giving them no freedom at all only made matters worse. The result : my 1st maid charmed us tried to charm us with her urine (which I drank), my second and third maid stole our handphones and brought their boyfriends back to sleep and sneaked out at wee hours in the morning. 

Like all human beings, the more we are prohibited from doing something, the more we would want to do it.  So by giving them a LITTLE  leeway, I find that the maid (as with all human) would be happier.  I always put myself in their shoes. I would never be happy working for a boss who is always breathing down my neck, who does not give me any freedom and who does not allow me to talk to other people.  It’s like being treated like a slave.   I totally agree that these maids cannot be treated too nice or they will climb over our heads and even tell us off and try to be the boss of the family.  But being too strict is not doing any good either and in my previous case, it back-fired. 

I wonder how employers with maids who have worked for them faithfully for many years deal with their maids.  I would love to hear from these employers.  Do you allow your maids to go out and how do you handle them so that you, your family and your maid can live harmoniously together?

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Dry and Peeling Skin


That’s a picture of the dry and peeling skin on my belly and waist.  Though I’ve been applying copious amounts of baby oil on my body twice a day after my shower, this however does not seem to hydrate and moisturize my skin.  I wonder what’s wrong with my skin.  I had forgotten to ask my gynae when I saw him last week.   Whenever Sherilyn sees the dry and peeling skin on my arms and belly, she always gives me a hand in peeling off the skin! 

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