Pork Ribs Oats

Instead of cooking rice porridge for my 2 sick kittens, I cooked oats with pork ribs yesterday.  This is a perfect meal if you want to whip up something that’s fast and tasty.  All it takes is less than half an hour. 

First, marinate the pork ribs with sesame oil, light soya sauce and corn flour (so that the meat will be smoother). If you want, you can add a pinch of pepper.  Keep the pork ribs in the fridge for at least an hour.

Cook the oats for 5 minutes.  Since I made some soup yesterday, I cooked the oats with soup.  Add in the pork ribs and cook for another 15 minutes or until the pork ribs are tender. 

Result – tasted very much like rice porridge and very tasty.  I loved it and my 2 fussy pots loved it too.

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Getting Bored of Steamed Dishes

Ever since the gals were down with fever and throat ulcer since last Saturday, we’ve been eating very plain and bland food – plain porridge, noodles in soup, steamed fish, steamed tofu, oats and bread.  I am getting really fed up with these food and today, I’m going to ask my maid to pan fry some pork chop. Don’t get me wrong, they are not for the gals but I’m eating them myself.  My maid has cooked anchovies porridge for the gals and will be steaming a fish and they’ll also be having an organic siew pak choy stir fried with minced chicken meat dish.  There’s also an ABC soup. 

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If Only We Could Be At Orlando

Hubby still has 1 night of unutilized free hotel stay at a hotel that he’s a member of.  We had utilized 1 night free stay at Hilton Sentral recently and we plan to stay at Westin KL this December during Christmas. We celebrated our Christmas at Westin KL last year and it was such great fun for the gals. They loved seeing the white crystal Christmas tree at the hotel and swimming at the pool, not to mention gorging on all the mouth-watering hotel food.  Though it’s nothing like going to Walt Disney World in Orlando and staying in a luxury hotel in orlando, but it was still enjoyable for the gals. Of course if hubby has enough money, it would be perfect if he could bring us all to Walt Disney World in Orlando and spend our Christmas there. 

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We Witnessed A Car Theft

Last week, hubby and I witnessed a car theft at our neighborhood.  We had just gotten back from the clinic and were about to get down from the car when hubby saw a man behaving suspiciously at the door of a car about 6 houses away from our house.  Seconds later, the smooth criminal opened the car door of a Proton Iswara Aeroback and sped away.  We weren’t very sure if it was his car or he was the thief.   Anyway, hubby immediately informed the security guards on patrol. 

The next day, 3 young men came knocking on our door to ask if  I have seen a red Proton Iswara Aeroback that was parked  at the spot that we saw the man drove it away.  They told me that the car belonged to their friend and he couldn’t find his car after work that evening.  I told him what had happened and it’s true that the man whom we saw behaving suspiciously indeed stole the car.  My neighborhood is really unsafe. Even with the presence of security guards patrolling the area round the clock, car thefts are still very rampant.  Hubby’s MPV was stolen right in front of our house last year at broad daylight and the previous owner of our house had also lost his Proton Perdana to car thieves.  Even our neighbour lost his Kia Sorento MPV last year.   I think it’s high time we look for another place to stay.  I would personally prefer a condo with tight security.   

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Streamyx Down Again

Streamyx connection was down for almost 2 hours from 12 noon.  The ‘data’ line on my modem was blinking and all other lights were stable too.  When I clicked on the Streamyx icon on my desktop, an error message no. 678 appeared.  Called Streamyx and was on the line with the customer service guy for almost an hour but the problem wasn’t solved.  Was feeling so down as I have 9 outstanding tasks  due tomorrow and on Saturday.  Thank God the connection was up again at around 2pm, otherwise would have to work at hubby’s office and bring the 2 gals along.

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My Friend’s Moving Again

I got an email from my friend who’s working in the U.S. yesterday informing me that she’ll be moving again. Her hubby who’s working as an auditor will be transferred to another state. They will be moving from San Francisco to New York this time. Moving from one country to another or moving interstate is no big deal to them as they’ve moved more than 3 times within a span of 5 years. They have a list of good and reliable Long Distance Moving Companies with them and each time her hubby is given the transfer letter, she will hop on to MovingCompanies.tv to get the moving quotes and select the moving company.  She has had good experience with the mover from this company when she moved from Seattle to San Francisco about a year ago.  She will also get a 65% discount this time as it will be the second time she’s using this moving company. I wouldn’t like to be moving all the time but oh well, my friend and her hubby have no kids yet, so living a nomadic life should not be a problem for them.

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A Very Sick Kitten

When Sherilyn had high fever and a big ulcer in her throat a couple of days back, she didn’t have the appetite to eat anything except for cool Japanese cucumbers, cool water and soup.  Her temp shot up to almost 40 degrees Celsius and I had to sponge her body all the time with a damp hanky and gave her suppositories too.  She was super cranky and whiny.  Today is the first day her fever has gone done and she’s one very happy and energenic toddler again!

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Tag : What’s My Breakfast Today?

This mummy would like to know what I had for breakfast today. As usual, I had fried vegetarian meehoon with a fried egg, something that I’m really hooked on from the start of my pregnancy.  There’s nothing else that I really like for breakfast ever since I got preggers except for this, though sometimes I would have porridge or nasi lemak.   Before I got pregnant, I would rarely have these stuff for breakfast.  I only ate fruits, skim milk and hard boiled egg for breakfast.  See what the wacky pregnancy hormones can do to your system.

Tagging time now.  I’d like to know what you had for breakfast too this morning :


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My Coin Collection

I used to collect coins during my teenage years up through to my late twenties. I’ve got coins from the different countries that I’d visited and my parents as well as friends and relatives also gave me coins whenever they returned from their holidays overseas. I’ve stopped collecting them when I was too busy at work. Now that the prices of gold and silver are sky rocketing high, I am eager to start collecting coins again. I think it’s a more profitable investment and hobby than placing my money in Fixed Deposit account in the bank as the FD rates are at an all-time low now. I’ve seen a good range of silver coins, gold coins and platinum coins from this coin dealer called Monex that’s been established for over 40 years. I’ll be checking out their website again to select my coins.

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Updates – Alycia and Sherilyn’s Fever

The gals are finally back on their feet today with no fever.  Alycia had completed her course of antibiotics yesterday and today I’ll have to give her probiotics powder supplement to replenish the good bacteria in her guts.  Sherilyn still has 3 more days to go on her antibiotics.  Daddy bought them a tub of Macademia nut Haegan Daz ice cream as treat to go with their medicine.  A few of my blog readers had commented that ice cream is good for those suffering from mouth ulcers and tonsils, so I told daddy to get some too.  The gals were beaming when daddy came back with the tub of ice cream yesterday.   They had NO problem gulping down their medicine as the ice cream tasted too good and could easily mask the taste of the medicine.  No more puking when there’s yummy treat!

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Loan For Business Expansion

Hubby’s catering business is pretty good and he has plans of expanding his business, which means that he must have the wherewithal for the expansion plan. He doesn’t need a large sum of money for the expansion as he’s got some savings. What he needs is probably a cheap loan that is unsecured with a repayment tenure of between one to seven years or maybe a small business loan.

It would be good if there is a loan comparison website here like LoanSubmit.co.uk where hubby can compare the different types of loan available for him and then choose the best deal to suit his situation. At LoanSubmit.co.uk, applicants get to read up on everything that they need to know about the different types of loans from personal loans to secured loans, debt consolidation loans and much more. They can then compare the latest loan deals online and choose one that best suits their lifestyle and situation.

 This post is brought to you by LoanSubmit.co.uk.

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Alycia’s Acceptance Of The Baby

For the past 1 week,  Alycia has slowly but surely accepted the baby.  Everyday, she would hug my belly, kiss my belly and talk to the baby.  When she’s happy, she will tell the baby why she’s happy.  When she’s back from school, she will tell the baby that she’s back from school.  When daddy bought her a tub of Haegan Daz ice-cream yesterday,  she was so happy that she told the baby that daddy had bought her ice-cream and that the baby could also eat it too.  Alycia and Sherilyn are making me feel guilty coz they talk to the baby more than I do.  Really hoping and praying that this baby will be fine as I’m sure my 2 gals will adore this baby.

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Get Debt Help Today

Many friends I know of are facing problems with managing their finances and debts. I have a former colleague who was always strapped. She earns as much as me yet she was always running out of cash towards the middle of the month. It all boils down to her bad spending habit and lack of discipline in using her money. She’s always asking around colleagues for loans and everyone was shunning away from her.  I think a better long term solution for her would be to get  debt help so that she can get back on her feet financially and start life anew.  If she continues to splurge her money lavishly on unnecessary items, very soon she would need an   IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), else she would get herself declared a bankrupt.

If you think you need debt advice or debt consolidation, help is at hand at ThriftyScot.co.uk, a money-saving advice portal.  Check them out today and get professional help so that you can get back on your feet financially.

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