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Granny and Koong Koong Will Be Here

The gals are getting all excited as granny and koong koong (my parents) will be here on Sunday.  The gals have not seen their grandparents for more than 3 months since we’ve not gone back to Ipoh since July and they miss them a lot.  My parents will only be here for 1 day and on Monday, they will fly to China for a 2-week vacation. 

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Our Afternoon At Bangsar Village

We went to Bangsar Village for lunch today. Sil had wanted to try out Delicious since she has heard so much about the delicious food at Delicious but it was full to the brim and the queue was long too.  So we went to Banquet instead.  This time, I ordered a prawn vermicelli and I must say it tasted really good. The broth was thick and rich and there were 2 big prawns, though I didn’t eat the prawns.  Hubby ordered a wagyu beef steak (very tasty), our maid had fried yellow noodles which was also very tasty, sil had a nasi lemak, hubby’s aunty had a mee jawa and we all had fruit rojak and mango salad as appetizer. For dessert, we had a yam cake (it’s not woo tau koa but an English cake made of yam and was very tasty), moist orange cake (satisfactory), Mocha cake (satisfactory) and a tiramisu with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (good). Overall, we had a satisfying lunch.

After lunch, sil and koo poh (hubby’s aunty) brought the gals to Toys R Us and sil bought them a toy, a HUGE one that is.  Later, we went grocery shopping.  Also bought Sherilyn a Barney pajamas from Toys R Us.  We only came home at around 5pm and I didn’t get to do much blogging today. 

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High Definition Video Footages

Hubby and I have a friend who is a model turned actor and now he has set up a modeling agency cum production company. This guy used to work as a part-time waiter for my hubby during his secondary school days. He’s a very entrepreneur guy and is never afraid of taking challenges and risks. His latest project is to produce an advertisement with models from his agency. When we met a few days ago, he casually asked if I know of any place where he can get nice high definition (hd) video footages for his latest project. Since I’d earlier written a review on hd stock footage video, I told him to check out AlwaysHD.com and register himself as a member. I think my friend will find this website very useful as he can purchase the stock footage videos as well as sell his own produced stock video footages.

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Off We Go To Bangsar Village

We’re going to Bangsar Village for lunch now and after lunch, will be bringing the gals to Gymboree.  It will be their first time at Gymboree and if they like it, will send them for classes.  Also need to get a new set of pajamas for Sherilyn as both the gals were fighting for the same new pajamas that I had bought earlier. Though I had bought them each a new pajamas, but both were fighting over the pajamas with the picture of a cat.

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Maid’s Secret Love Affair

When I brought the gals out to the park yesterday evening, my neighbor who was inside her house rushed out from the house waving to me as she was making some gestures with both her hands.  She had wanted to inform me that she had seen my maid and the security guard on patrol passing love letters a moment ago when my maid was watering the plants at our garden.  I can’t believe how fast and professional my maid can do it without my noticing it as I was already watching her very closely from inside the house the whole day.  I guess she must have jumped on the opportunity by quickly placing the love note on top of the pillar of our porch when I went to the kitchen for a short while.  Anyway, there’s nothing much I can do as my maid has not done something really wrong. I just have to be on my guard and make sure she doesn’t run away with this guard or bring this guard home at 3 o’clock in the morning, just like what my previous maids did.  She’s leaving in mid January 08 and I think I’ll just have to close both eyes to this hanky-panky business as long as it does not affect her performance.

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Buying Auto Accessories Online

Hubby has 2 vans to run his catering business. If one of his vans are down, he will find it very difficult to rely just on 1 van as he normally has a few functions running simultaneously in a day. When one of the vans broke down last week and needed a replacement auto accessory, I told him not to go back to the car workshop that repaired his MPV.  

If you’d read my earlier posts, you’d have read that hubby’s MPV was stuck in this workshop for almost half a year when he sent it there to get it repaired after the MPV was submerged in flood water last year.  The workshop owner gave lots of reasons and crap to hubby when hubby kept asking him when his MPV will be fixed. I told hubby that he should try ordering his van auto accessories online from BuyAutoTruckAccessories.com as this online store carries a large inventory of auto accessories at low prices. I am also pretty sure he doesn’t have to wait for half a year for the accessories to arrive.

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