Lousy Mood

I’m in a real lousy mood now coz I have lost almost 100 posts from both my blogs.  Most of them are sponsored posts that are unapproved and unpaid yet.  If I can’t retrieve my post,  my heart will really ache.  It’s like loosing something costly that you’d put in so much effort, time and sacrifice into.   I’ve also wasted a lot of time today checking which posts I have lost.  I haven’t replied to any of the comments that I’d received today for my blogs and I haven’t visited any blogs yet.

The problem started after my computer came back from the computer shop.  I’d spoken to the Assistant Manager of the shop and of course, he said he didn’t delete anything or format anything, save for installing the new version of Internet Explorer into my PC.   Yeah, yeah,  he can wash his hands clean and tai chi everything back to me but if he really did something which caused my posts to vanish,  then God bless him.  God will bless me too.

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I’m In Deep Shit

Yes I am coz all of a sudden, a handful of my posts have vanished from both my Blogspot blog and this blog.  Most of them are paid posts by Digivate (recent unapproved ones all gone), Blogsvertise (recent unapproved ones all gone),  Blogging Ads (old gone), PU2B (recent unpaid ones all gone) and God knows what other posts have vanished.  Blogsvertise has already sent me an email stating that they can’t locate the URL of my post.  I don’t know how much I am going to loose if I can’t retrieve all my posts. 

I’m praying that after I have re-installed the old version of Internet Explorer back to my computer,  the vanished posts will re-appear again.  Else, all my hard work, lost of sleep, time and effort will vanish in thin air too and I’m going to be really upset!  I’m already very upset now.  God please help me salvage my lost posts!

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Online University

I am always worried that hubby and I may not have the wherewithal to send our kids to study in a good on-campus university in future. We see the importance of having a degree and no matter what it takes, I will ensure that my kids are well-educated and graduate with a degree.  However, if we really cannot afford to send all our kids to study in a good university overseas, the alternative would be to pursue a degree online. There are a number of universities that offer online degree programs and one such university is capella university, an accredited fully online university established 14 years ago. Currently, there are over 20,000 students from 56 countries pursuing their online degrees at Capella University. This figure is amazing and I’m sure Capella University must be really a good online university.

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Lovely Housewarming Gifts

This month, hubby has to burn a big hole in his pocket as he has received 3 wedding invitations and 2 housewarming party invites from his friends. We will be giving our friends who will be getting married an ‘ang pow’ (cash in red packet) each.  As for our 2 friends who have just moved into their new homes, I’ve seen some very nice and unique personalized door mats, custom address plaques and house signs from RolandsGifts.com which I think will  make the perfect housewarming gifts.

The cedar personalized door mat that I’ve seen at RolandsGifts.com doesn’t rot as it is slightly raised to allow air circulation and keeps the mat dry. I can choose from a large number of beautiful designs which will then be carved into the solid cedar, sealed and hand-painted for maximum durability. Even I like the doormats and I’m even considering ordering one for our house and one for hubby’s office.

I’ve also seen some very beautiful wind chimes constructed of walnut at the website of RolandsGifts.com.   Wind chimes are known to bring good feng shui to the house if placed at the correct place at the façade of the house.

If you’re looking for some unique items to give away as housewarming gift or Christmas, do check out RolandsGifts.com.

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What Fever Can Do

When Sherilyn was having high fever several days ago, she was super cranky and whiny.  One night at around 4am, when her body temperature was so high till her brain got a tad ‘out of sync’,  she woke up and got real chatty.  She wasn’t gibberish but was talking about things that made sense and talked non-stop for almost 15 minutes. Suddenly she remembered the new Barney stickers that daddy had bought for her from the pasar malam and asked for them.   So I gave the stickers  to her and she clutched on to them without wanting to let go.  When she finally dozed off an hour later, I removed the stickers from her hands and placed them next to her on the bed.

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