Kids’ Vanity Bag

Sil bought the gals a kids’ vanity bag from HK Disneyland. Inside the bag are pretty and cute Minnie Mouse hair clips, hair scrunchies, hair brush and a hand held mirror.  It’s a very pretty gift and even I love those hair accessories.  Since my gals don’t like to have their hair tied up,  I think I will use those hair scrunchies myself! 

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The day is finally arriving.  I’ll be off to my gynae’s office to have an Amnio done tomorrow.  I’m nervous and worried.  Worried of the pain during the procedure, worried of a leaking amniotic sac which would result in a miscarriage, worried of a pre-term labor and worried of a bad report. 

Today I feel really down.  The host for this blog is unable to help me recover my lost posts.  I get really pissed off with them.  Each time I write to them for help, they will tai chi the problem back to me, asking me to solve it myself.  Now, they’ve asked me to check my cPanel for the lost posts.  For pete’s sake,  the data in the cPanel is full of IT jargons and codes and an IT idiot like me would have no clue what those things are.  I guess I will have to forgo all the lost posts and loose all the money that the advertisers are due to me.  All my precious time, effort, sacrifices and lack of sleep are going down the drain.  It’s a lot of money there and I think I will have to write full swing for 1 month to recover all that I have lost.

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