Blog Rush

Woke up at 6am today and managed to complete 3 paid posts that were expiring in less than an hour and typed 6 non-paid posts as filler posts, all in 1.5 hours.  I always perform better under pressure and when I’m under pressure, I think faster and better.   

I’d wasted one whole day yesterday checking all my unapproved and unpaid paid posts and trying to restore all my lost posts.  I’ve learnt a lesson well and for those of you who have not backed up your blog yet, please do so if you don’t want to face any disappointment in future if you loose your posts.  Try, they’ve helped me recover my lost posts for my Blogspot blog. 

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Birds’ Nest

These are soaked birds’ nest.  There are about 3 pieces of birds’ nest here and I’ll be double boiling them for about an hour after removing the dirt and feathers from the nests.  After the cooked birds’ nest have cooled down, I normally transfer them into an air-tight  container, put them into the fridge and eat a tablespoon everyday.  Don’t know if it’s really proven to be a health food but since I have stock of them at home, might as well just cook them than to wait for them to turn mouldy.

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Dallas Cowboys Tickets

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Lost Posts

I finally managed to retrieve my lost posts for my Blogspot blog from, a website which currently provides free back-up service.  The response to my email and customer service were very good and prompt and they managed to guide me to recover my lost posts.  I had worked until 1am to recover my posts.  They even offered to call me to guide me through the process to restore my blog. I am impressed with this company.

However, I am totally disappointed with the host of my blog.  My lost posts were not saved in their system.  Just don’t understand how this can happen and I am really dissatisfied with their service.  I have now also backed up my own blog at  Even if they decide to implement a back-up service fee in future, I will be willing to pay.

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Funny Quotes

At the washroom of Imbi Palace yesterday,  Sherilyn and I were waiting for my maid to help Alycia pee inside the toilet.  A lady in her early twenties walked into the washroom.  This lady looked exactly like a boy, sporting crew cut hairstyle, wearing a shirt and bermuda pants. Even I got a shock when I saw her walking in and I thought she had accidentally walked into the wrong washroom.  The lady then went inside the toilet and closed the door. 

Sherilyn  :  Who is inside? (pointing to the toilet that the lady went in)

Me  :  A cheh cheh (cheh cheh means sister in Cantonese which Malaysian kids often refer to for all girls and unmarried ladies)

Sherilyn  :  NO, a kor kor!  (kor kor means big brother in Cantonese)

Me  :  NO, she’s a cheh cheh.

Sherilyn  :  NO, a kor kor!  (on top of her voice to reinforce that she’s right and mummy’s wrong)

I quickly brought Sherilyn out from the washroom to avoid an embarassment or worse, a confrontation before the lady got out from the toilet.  

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Pee Accidents

Sherilyn has been off diapers for about one month already when we go out now.  She would normally tell my maid or me when she wants to pee but yesterday, I think she must have enjoyed her food so much that she had totally forgotten to inform us and she peed twice in her pants – once when we were having lunch at Imbi Palace and the second time when we were having dinner at Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at Shangri La Hotel.   She has been very good in telling us whenever she wants to pee or poo but yesterday was an exception. 

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Finally Completed

Woke up at 6am today to rush off the 3 outstanding assignments from this advertising network.  Managed to complete them within an hour and now I have to slot in the interim posts in between.  Won’t have much time to do blogging today as I’ll be going to my gynae’s office for the Amnio later.  Have been very busy for the last few days and have not done blog hopping for 3 days already.  Sorry, if I’ve not visited your blog yet! 

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Unique Corporate Gifts

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