Black Chicken Soup

This is my usual ‘poa pun’  (nutricious stuff in Cantonese) during my pregnancy – black chicken soup with snow fungus, wolfberries and red dates. Black chicken is known to be more nutricious than regular chicken. 

During my previous pregnancies, my mil or my former maids would chop and crush the black chicken into pieces before putting the chicken into a special double boiler with holes to make chicken essence.  Since this is so tedious and time consuming, I’m only boiling the chicken in a crockpot now.  I would boil this soup and share this soup with my 2 gals at least twice a week.


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Environmental Friendly Soy Candles

I am a big supporter of environmental-friendly and non-toxic products. I try to buy bio-degradable aerosols and I’ve even stopped using my aromatherapy candles that are made of petroleum based waxed. It’s hard to find non-toxic and bio-degradable candles here and there’s only one website that I know of that sells them.

Caterpillars Candles is an online store that sells natural soy candles  that are hand-crafted with all natural cotton and paper wicks coated in premium vegetable wax. The candles are made from biodegradable, FDA certified organic soy bean wax. These scented pretty candles that last three times longer than petroleum-based candles produce virtually no black soot and they produce scent throughout and not just scented on top. The candles are only hand-made when you make an order and there is an assortment of scents for you to choose from ranging from lavender to jasmine and vanilla, heavenly chocolate, sandalwood, American apple pie and much more. 

Christmas is just less than 2 months away and if you’re lost for gift ideas, these natural custom soy candles make perfect Christmas gifts. If you run a gift shop, you can also get your wholesale soy candles from Caterpillars Candles to add to your line of gifts and souvenirs.

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