Zipangu Japanese Restaurant

We had dinner at Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at Shangri La Hotel last week as it was sil’s last night with us before she flew back to HK.  Overall, the food was good but we were not too pleased with the expensive Wagyu beef which was tasteless.  Alycia and Sherilyn had cawan mushi, Edamame beans, California roll and some rice with Teriyaki chicken.  I had teriyaki beef which tasted much better than the Wagyu beef and the price was very much cheaper than the Wagyu beef too.   I was just so tempted to eat the assortment of sushi but got to refrain from them for at least another 6 months.   The black sesame and green tea ice-cream was very tasty.

Notice a change of clothing in Sherilyn?  Well, that day was exceptional.  She had 2 pee accidents in a day – once during brunch at Imbi Palace and once during dinner at Zipangu.  Her body must have been out of sync that particular day.

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Streamyx Sucks

Internet connetion has been very unstable for the past 2 days.  A few bloggers and I were unable to get into the sites of 3P, Blogitive and PU2B for 2 days.  We thought we were  suspended and locked out by these advertisers coz bloggers from other areas in the Klang Valley and East Malaysia were able to log in to these sites.  When I called Streamyx,  I was given the same unacceptable answer and help.  I find that even after 1 full day of Streamyx being down at certain areas, the Help Desk officers are still unaware and not notified of the problem.  Instead, they give useless advice and step-by-step instructions to change the settings in our PC or delete certain files and cookis which had once caused my PC to go haywire.  Streamyx sucks don’t they?   Chin Nee was telling me maybe we should switch to Maxis or other providers.

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Can’t Sleep

We had dinner with my elder brother and his family at a chinese restaurant in Chulan Square this evening and I had some very diluted chinese tea.  Now, I’m feeling wide awake and just can’t seem to fall asleep.  Or is it because I’ve been working too hard for the past few days trying to recover my lost posts and meeting deadlines, so much so that my brain can’t seem to stop functioning and knock off?  Whatever it is, I have to hit the sack now and try to sleep.  Nite nite.

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Funky Skins For Gizmos and Gadgets

My Christmas shopping list is still expanding by the day. I now have 15 people on my list which include my family members, hubby’s family and relatives and our friends. I have already written what I intend to buy for these people. I’m always at a loss when it comes to shopping gifts for hubby’s cousins who are in their late teens. I really don’t know what teenagers like these days.  What I used to like may not be what these kids like now. Perhaps I should get them some Xbox skins, PDA skins or laptop skins that I’ve seen at the other day. These unique colorful  skins for gizmos and gadgets are rather new in the market and they protect devices like mobile phones, calculators, laptops, PDAs, Xboxes and gaming devices from getting scratched whilst adding style and funkiness to the device.  Even I like them and I bet those kids would love to be seen  holding their PDA or Xbox with a funky Skinit skin on it.

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