Couples Tend To Think Alike?

When my Sikh neighbor gave us a hamper last week, I told hubby that we should give her something back in return.   We didn’t discuss what we should be getting our neighbor but the next morning, when I reminded hubby about it, I suggested getting them a cake.   Hubby was surprised that I gave this suggestion coz he had also thought of getting a cake.  Oh well, I told him great minds think alike and couples tend to think alike too.  Though there are many differences between us, but we think alike in many ways.

We got our neighbor a green tea layered sponge cake with layers of red bean and fresh cream and fresh fruits on top.

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School Holidays Are Coming!

Are you happy that the school holidays are just days away?   For me, I am happy coz I don’t have to wake the girls up early and prepare Alycia for school.  This means I get an hour extra to work in the morning.  I’m also worried coz I know Alycia will definitely be restless being cooped up at home.  I’m contemplating sending Alycia to her pre-school’s holiday programs but they are damn expensive.  There are cooking classes, drama and speech classes, arts and craft classes,  music classes and much more and the school is charging RM150 per class that only lasts 1 week!   If I send her to 4 types of classes for 1 month, that would cost us a whopping RM600! 

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Convenience of Buying Car Radiators Online

When a terrible flood wiped out our neighborhood last year, thousands of cars, including our 2 cars were badly damaged. Most of our neighbor’s car radiators were damaged beyond repair. The car workshops nearby could not meet the sudden rise in car repairs and orders for car radiators. Most of my neighbors had to wait for months for their car radiators to arrive from overseas, including hubby. If only I knew then that we can purchase our radiators online from, we would have gotten back our cars way earlier and don’t have to go through months of inconvenience without a car. carry a large inventory of car radiators from  Ford Radiator  to Toyota radiator, Honda radiator, Kia radiator, BMW radiator and radiators for most brands of cars.  Delivery of the radiator will also be made the very next business day and for some areas, same day delivery can even be arranged.  Should we need a new car radiator next time, we will give a try.

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Pretty Socks

Apart from the Disney panties, mah mah also bought the gals some Marks & Spencer socks with pictures of  Disney’s Princess and Forever Friends bears on them. The socks are really very pretty but this time, they are really huge.  Though the size is for ages 3-4 and 4-5 but they are way too long and big, even I can wear them, I kid you not.  I guess guai loh kids have long body and long feet but tiny hips coz their range of panties are terribly small.    

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Pretty Disney Panties

Aren’t these Disney panties pretty?  Even mummy feels like putting them on, especially the ones with little pink and baby blue heart shapes on them.  Mah mah recently sent the girls some Disney’s Marks & Spencer panties.  However the ones for Sherilyn (for ages 3-4) are really small and tight, even for my little skinny rascal. The ones for Alycia (ages 4-5) are just right but I think she would outgrow them in a few months.  But no worries, Sherilyn can wear them if they are still good.  I think I better tell my mil to get 2-4 size bigger for the girls in future.  Once, she got a pack of  Marks & Spencer panties for ages 6-7 for Alycia and they fit her nicely.  Funny this Marks & Spencer – their clothes are always on the large size but the panties are terribly small.  I wonder what body shape the guai low kids have.

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I Will Pursue My Lifelong Interest One Day

When I was little, I used to love playing pretend-makeup and hairdressing with my cousins and friends. I would be the ‘makeup artist and the hairdresser’ while my cousins and friends would be the ‘customers’. I told my mum then that when I grew up, I would  be a makeup artist.  However, I took a completely different path when I grew up and I’ve now even landed up being a SAHM instead!   When my kids are a little grown up, I’ll surely consider pursuing my lifelong interest and attend a cosmetology school to get a certificate or diploma in cosmetology and perhaps open my own beauty salon one day.  If our financial permits, attending a world-renowned cosmetology school like The Regency Beauty Institite in the United States would just be ideal.

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Pork Chop

I made pork chop for the first time several weeks ago.  The first time, it didn’t turn out well as I had forgotten to marinate the pork with corn flour.  Corn flour helps to soften the meat.  A week later, I made another batch and this time it turned out well. 

The secret to having soft tender meat is to pound the meat with a meat pounder or with the back of a cleaver.  Then marinate with corn flour.

The condiments I used to  marinate the pork chop are sesame seed oil, Lea & Perrin sauce, a dash of HP sauce, pepper, organic soy sauce and a tablespoon of Manuka honey.  Leave in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours.

I normally make a big batch and deep freeze them.  On days when my maid is not free to cook, I will defrost the pork chop and retoast them in the toaster. 

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My Skin Is Dry And Peeling

The skin on my tummy, waist and arms are super duper dry and the flaky skin is peeling off like a newborn baby’s dry skin.  It gets so bad and obvious that Sherilyn just can’t stay her hands away from helping me peel off the skin and  she keeps asking me why my skin is peeling off LOL!   Each time after my shower, I smother my body with a palm full of baby oil but it doesn’t seem to help at all.  I’ve even stopped using my bath loofah and have even used body shampoo like Dove with extra moisturizers but that don’t seem to help too.  Maybe I should consider using soap-free body shampoos like Eubos and Seba Med.  Does anyone have this problem too?

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A Spice-Up In Our Marriage

I told hubby the other day that we really need to do something to spice up our marriage.   After the kids came along, the spark of romance seemed to have dwindled and our lives have just been centered on our 2 high-demand girls.   After reading a book by the famous Singaporean sex guru, I am really tempted to go on a all-inclusive adult holiday in Mexico and book a  Riviera Maya Resort at the Riviera Maya located on the Mexican Carribean coast.   There are many resorts located at Riviera Maya and one resort that I’m interested in is the Hidden Beach Resort located at a secluded place that caters to adults only who desire luxury and comfort.  Guests at this resort have the luxury and liberty to sunbathe and swim in nude on the beach!   Amenities, facilities and food at the resort are one of the finest.  I bet my man and I can uncover that lost romance and spark in us again during this one-of-a-kind all-inclusive luxurious holiday in Mexico.

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