My Christmas Wish

What do you really wish for this Christmas?  For me, apart from wishing to safely deliver a healthy and perfect baby, I’d love to get a pair of Astley Clarke diamond heart earrings in 14ct white gold.  I’ve not bought myself any jewellery for years and the only white gold diamond earring I have is the one given to me by my mum for my wedding.  I wear it all the time to practically all the functions and I’d really love to have another pair of diamond earrings to wear to my friend’s grand wedding dinner next month.

What I really love about Astley Clarke’s collection of  silver jewellery and gold jewellery is that the designs are all unique and aesthetic.  They also have a wide array of stunning glittering diamonds and gemstones.  I simply love browsing Astley Clarke’s website to look at their range of classy and tastefully designed jewellery but once I start clicking on their website, I just can’t seem to get myself away from the computer for I’ll be glued to their website drooling over their jewellery!

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Our Sunday

Daddy has to work in the afternoon,  so after church today,  we didn’t eat out.  Was invited by Darrius’ mum (RamblingMoo) to attend Darrius’ 2nd birthday party but unfortunately, couldn’t go as we only have 1 car at home and daddy has to use it.   

So daddy packed some of my favorite hawkers’ food from Paramount Garden in PJ and we all ate at home.   We had the famous yong tau foo, chee cheong fun with prawn paste, prawn vermicelli, wantan noodles, egg tarts and some nyonya kuih.  Sometimes, I prefer eating hawkers food at the comforts of my own house than to feast on buffets in hotels.  It’s quite torturous to have buffets as all the food always seem so tempting and I’d always want to try a bit of everything on the spread only to suffer in silence after feasting on the food.

These are what we ate today:


Oh how Alycia loves kuih… to bits. 

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Get The Best Mortgage Deal For Your Home

When we found out that we could get a lower interest rate for our mortgage from another bank, we wasted no time and quickly applied for a remortgage from that bank. Not only was the interest rate 2% lower, the bank also paid for the legal fees incurred in the remortgage.  With the remortgage, we paid almost RM300 lesser every month and that was quite a burden off our shoulder. 

Remortgages are very common these days amongst home owners in an effort to reduce their mortgage repayments and to enjoy better deals on their home loan.  Buying a house is the most expensive commitment to anyone and getting cheap mortgages  would help a great deal in lowering the monthly repayments. It would be really helpful to go to a website like that can help you search and compare rates and terms on mortgages amongst major financial institutions so that you get the best deals.

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