Christmas Is In The Air

After reading BabyShern’s post on Christmas tree, I reminded hubby to fish out the packed Christmas tree from our storeroom. I can’t believe a year has passed us by so quickly. It was partly because of this Christmas tree that hubby’s new MPV got stolen. I was still in Ipoh with the gals when he called me to inform that his car was stolen, right in front of our house in broad daylight. Hubby had bought this Christmas tree the day before he was to go to Ipoh and fetch us back to KL so that he can give the gals a surprise.  After getting the Christmas tree out from his car, he quickly decorated the tree. He didn’t even realized that some professional car thieves had stolen his car, just in a flash.

Back to the Christmas tree, Alycia and Sherilyn were so excited when daddy brought out the Christmas tree. They helped to decorate the tree with the ornaments but Sherilyn, the one with the itchy fingers chipped part of the Christmas star.

After the tree was fully decorated, the gals kept singing “the Christmas tree is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME…..”

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Seek Debt Help If You Need It

When my friend’s father who was a Managing Director was retrenched by the company, he could not find another high-paying job with similar perks. He had exhausted almost most of his savings to pay for their daily expenses and for my friend’s university fees. My friend has 5 other school-going and college-going siblings. They were very used to living a luxury lifestyle and could not adjust to life with the bare minimum and continued to spend lavishly. My friend’s father then took a personal loan from a bank to cover their expenses. Soon, his credit cards were all maxed out and he did not have sufficient money to repay the banks. Consequently, the banks soon shot out legal letters to him demanding payment. When he could not settle his debts months later, legal proceedings to declare him a bankrupt was underway. My friend and his family were traumatized as they knew the implications of being a bankrupt and they did not want the whole world to know that he is a bankrupt.

My friend’s father then sought debt advice from a company that provides debt help. He was given the option of choosing between IVA and bankruptcy. My friend’s father chosed IVA and signed a contract to repay his debts to his creditors over a period of 5 years. He has since found new employment and is slowly and steadily repaying his debts. My friend and his family were also forced to lead a simpler lifestyle with no luxuries. It was a real expensive and painful lesson for my friend’s father. With sites like, a leading provider of free and impartial debt advice, many people are now able to solve their financial problems and start life afresh.

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