Pregnancy at 18 Weeks

That’s my belly at 18 weeks+.  Pretty big eh?  But many people are not even aware that I’m preggers, maybe because of my dressing up and I know how to conceal my belly!  Also, I have not put on much weight.  To date, I’ve only gained 3.5kg.   As with my other 2 pregnancies, my appetite has reduced tremendously as my belly expands but I’m trying to force myself to eat wholesome food.

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Sherilyn Can Finally Cycle

Sherilyn can finally reach the pedals of her tricycle.  She’s been trying in vain for the last one year or so to reach the pedals but her legs were not long enough.  Lase week, I was so surprised to see that she could finally reach  the pedals and cycle on her own without being pushed.  She’s so proud of her achievement and no longer envies Alycia who has been cycling like a pro now.

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Free Moving Planner

Tell me, is there anyone who does not dread the process of moving house? It sure is good to be moving to my dream home but the thought of all the planning and organizing the move, the packing and unpacking of all your paraphernalia just sends shivers down my spine. We’ll be moving to our new condominium next year and though we have about one year more before the move, I’m already dreading the thought of packing all our things. There is just so much stuff to pack – our kids’ stuff, hubby’s stuff, mil’s stuff and my stuff. I admit I’m quite a pack-rat and since we will be moving from a double storey house to a condo, I guess I have to discard a lot of my junk.

Since I am no expert in organizing a move, I would really need professional removal services and removal companies that can help me minimize my moving woes.  Also, if only there was a site here like, my moving woes will be reduced.  At, anyone who is moving can use their services for free and get free quotes from reliable removal companies.  What I  like best is their award-winning Move Planner which has been a lifesaver to thousands of people. The Move Planner will organize and manage every aspect of your move and remind you to do things at the appropriate dates. This site also helps people to inform the relevant councils, utility companies, banks, insurance companies and even friends of their change of address. I will definitly use the Move Planner as a guide to help me organize my move next year.

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