Dry and Peeling Skin


That’s a picture of the dry and peeling skin on my belly and waist.  Though I’ve been applying copious amounts of baby oil on my body twice a day after my shower, this however does not seem to hydrate and moisturize my skin.  I wonder what’s wrong with my skin.  I had forgotten to ask my gynae when I saw him last week.   Whenever Sherilyn sees the dry and peeling skin on my arms and belly, she always gives me a hand in peeling off the skin! 

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It’s Time To Move Forward

Over the last one week, I have been seriously thinking about creating my own online store. I have always had an ace up my sleeves on a small business plan. Ever since Google dealt a big blow on most blogs including my blog, by lowering our PR,  it has been really difficult for us to get opportunities from advertising networks. My income has been slashed substantially over the last two weeks. It’s time for me to bring the card out from my sleeves now. A friend of mine who recently started her online store selling her self designed babies and ladies apparel is using an ecommerce software that she had purchased from Ashop Commerce, a world-class provider of hosted shopping cart software. This software is the perfect solution for small to medium sized merchants who wish to set up their online business.

When I checked the website of Ashop Commerce, I found out that there are several affordable plans to accommodate businesses of any size that comes with many freebies. I just need to pay a monthly store fee and a once-off setup fee. Best of all, I’ll get a 10-day FREE trial with no credit card required and there is also FREE store design upon signing up.  Sometimes unfortunate events happen for a reason and maybe this is a blessing in disguise for me to kick-start my online business.

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Want To Earn Money While You Blog?

When I made the decision to leave the corporate world to be a SAHM almost 2 years ago, never have I thought that I could one day work from home doing something that I have passion in. Before I created my own blog, I was merely visiting other people’s blog and I really got enticed to do what these great SAHMs are doing – blogging and get paid for blogging. It took me many months before I finally kicked my own butt to put in some time and effort to create my own blog. After my blog was finally created (albeit with lots of difficulties for an IT retard like me), the rest was history. There’s just no turning back. I jumped into the blog advertising bandwagon and I have had absolutely no regrets since.

I now write advertisements for a number of advertising networks connecting advertisers and bloggers and one of my favorite networks is Smorty. They pay well for blogs with a good Google Page Rank (PR), they have opportunities on many interesting products and services and they pay very promptly too. I have absolutely no regrets being a part of Smorty.

If you own a blog and would like to blog for money, wait no further. Visit Smorty.com today and register your blog. You’ll be smiling away as you blog and laughing away to the bank too!

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