MacDonalds Craze

After reading Barbara’s post on A&W on Sunday,  I was really craving to eat fast food, particularly burgers.  So the next day, daddy brought us to MacDonalds at Mid Valley Megamall.  Daddy didn’t want us to be eating fast food and had suggested going to this new Taiwanese Restaurant at Gardens but I told him we should not be dining at such expensive restaurants all the time.  In the end, I got what I craved for and ate to my heart’s content a double cheese burger, 1 piece of fried chicken, some nuggets, french fries and shared a chocolate fudge Sundae with the gals.  I’ve not been such a big eater for so long but after starving myself of fast food for almost 1 year, I finally ate all that I had wanted, and it felt so good after that!

My double cheese burger.

Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn ate a few tiny rat bites of her burger and lost interest in it. Ended up drinking the iced Milo that came with the Happy Meal, some french fries and of course ice cream. Talking about ice cream, there’s another drama to the MacDonalds chocolate fudge Sundae and the cone ice cream (is it called Twister?).  I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Alycia grinning from cheek to cheek eating her long forbidden food. No wonder she’s so glad mummy is preggers coz she gets to eat a lot of forbidden food, food that mummy rarely ate before she got pregnant.

After the ice cream episode, I told hubby that it will be the last time we are eating at MacDonalds. So stay tuned for my ice cream drama.

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Awesome Gifts Everyone Will Love

How would you like receiving a blanket or a pillow with a picture of your loved ones or your favorite things imprinted on it? I would be delighted to receive such gifts. See the pictures here? The above is a personalized photo blanket created by using the latest technology where you favorite picture is specially dyed into a photo blanket. You can also have pictures dyed into photo bedding, photo pillows, photo beds, photo duvets, photo throw pillows and much more! All you have to do is to upload your favorite pictures at the website using a special user-friendly tool provided at the website, add the text that you want to appear on the blanket or pillow and the rest will be done by VisionBedding.

There are many types of personalized photo gifts available at ranging from Flag Bedding to photo dog bedding, girls bedding, children’s bedding, boys bedding, baby’s bedding, photo pillows,  photo throw cushions and much more. These lovely personalized beddings can be machine washed using gentle cycle with cold water and tumbled dry on a low heat setting. I am sure anyone would love to receive these unique one-of-a-kind personalized photo gifts.

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Gion Japanese Bread

When we were at Mid Valley Megamall on Monday, daddy bought us a loaf of Gion Japanese bread, aka the most expensive bread I’ve ever eaten.  It costs RM18 for one loaf and they don’t sell half a loaf.  Though it’s  expensive but it’s really tasty and can even be eaten on its own without any jam, butter or ham.  Within 3 days, we chomped down half a loaf and we still have another half loaf in the freezer.

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A Used Car Dealer That Stands Out From The Rest

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