Pork Ribs Oats

Instead of cooking rice porridge for my 2 sick kittens, I cooked oats with pork ribs yesterday.  This is a perfect meal if you want to whip up something that’s fast and tasty.  All it takes is less than half an hour. 

First, marinate the pork ribs with sesame oil, light soya sauce and corn flour (so that the meat will be smoother). If you want, you can add a pinch of pepper.  Keep the pork ribs in the fridge for at least an hour.

Cook the oats for 5 minutes.  Since I made some soup yesterday, I cooked the oats with soup.  Add in the pork ribs and cook for another 15 minutes or until the pork ribs are tender. 

Result – tasted very much like rice porridge and very tasty.  I loved it and my 2 fussy pots loved it too.

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4 thoughts on “Pork Ribs Oats

  1. lucky u they eat the oats. my kids wont even taste the porridge ah!! so when they r sick, they gotta eat white ricewith drinking water. what to do, what oso cant eat esp when they got diarrhoea. eh, sesame oil good for kids meh when they r sick? not too oily and jai??

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