Tagging Along To The Gynae’s Again

Sherilyn really loves tagging along to the gynae’s office.  When we were there on Wednesday,  she was happily munching away the fried egg sandwich that I made her and smiling away cheekily to other patients. 

Once, she  followed us into the Ultrasound Scan room and saw the dr. put the probe into my ‘under’ to perform a transvagina ultrasound scan.  When she stepped out of the doctor’s room, she announced loudly to my maid that “mummy took out her pants for doctor to see her phet phet!”    Do you bring your child with you  to the ultrasound scan room too during your visit to the gynae?

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10 thoughts on “Tagging Along To The Gynae’s Again

  1. faint! hahaha.. mummy took off pants to show blah blah blah… On my last appt with my gynea, I kept asking my hubby to bring my girl away.. I paiseh to let her see what my gynea doing leh..hehehe

  2. We have taken 3 yr old Caitlin along to the Dr’s a few times already.

    The first time, she was quite apprehensive- She had the “What is Dr doing to Mummee’s stomach” look on her face. I was carrying her the whole time ‘cos otherwise she wouldn’t be able to see the screen anyway. The whole time I was reassuring her, so it was all good.

    The second time she already wanted to stand on the bed at/between Mummee’s legs! Of course I didn’t let her, ‘cos she’d be getting in Dr’s way.

    These were all just u/sounds; nothing more intrusive. Actually her first time was the detailed scan, which had the 4D scanning. At that & subsequent appointments, she kept exclaiming “So blur! Cannot seeeeee….”

    I had to quieten her since Dr may think the 3yr old was complaining about the quality of his equipment!

  3. XY went in with us almost every time when I had my routine check-up with the gynae. She looked fwd to the abdomen u/sound. She’d be vy happy to c the image of bb/didi. It’s a good way to prepare her for the arrival of her younger sibling.

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