Relief For Dry and Itchy Skin

Many of my readers suggested Palmer’s Cocoa Butter oil to relief dry and itchy skin.  I got a bottle from the pharmacy on Monday and have been applying copious amounts to my skin twice a day after my bath but I don’t see much results.  Though my skin is not that itchy and dry as it was before but it is still considered very dry and I how I hate the ‘pulling’ sensation, the kind you get in extremely dry skin. 

I will try another dry and itchy skin relief today, i.e. Jojo oil, bought from my gynae’s clinic and will see if it brings better relief.

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Ice Cream Drama

When we were at MacDonalds @ Mid Valley Megamall for lunch on Monday, I was craving to eat chocolate fudge Sundae for dessert, so daddy bought 1 cup to be shared amongst Aly, Sher and I. Needless to say, the gals went crazy over the sundae and greedy Aly snatched Sher’s portion and caused a scene at McD when Sher cried till she almost puked. As daddy quickly went to buy 2 Mc D twister on cones to calm the storm, I quickly took out a plastic bag to catch Sher’s vomit. Luckily, she did not puke! Sher has a habit of puking each time she cries and in a way, she is dominating and manipulating all of us as she knows we will normally give in to her wimps when she cries as we do not want to clean up her vomit.

When the gals saw the twister on cones, Sher instantly stopped crying and gave out a wide grin.  We then left McD and  as we were walking to Jaya Jusco supermarket, Sher suddenly dropped her twister on the floor! All hell broke loose again and she let out the loudest bawl. Daddy again wanted to buy her another twister but this time, I put my foot down and gave her a good and loud lecture. I told her she could cry and vomit as she wished and there’s no way she will be spoilt rotten like this. Naturally she bawled and pretended to puke but I just walked away. Daddy then put Sher in a Jusco trolley and told her he would get her something else at Jusco to subdue her. Minutes later, she stopped crying and was all smiles again. Sometimes, we just can’t give in to all our kids’ wimps and fancies and feel scared when they threaten to throw up or cause a scene.

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