Healthy Homemade Pancakes

Alycia has been bugging me to make pancakes for lunch as I’ve not made them for months. During the initial months of my pregnancy, I just could not stand the sight of food that are sweet, including pancakes and my favorite cakes and breads.

Yesterday, I made them this wholesome pancake made up of organic wholemeal flour, organic unbleached high protein flour, wheatgerm, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, almond nibs, 3 large scoops of milk powder and 2 eggs. 

To make the pancake more appetizing and flavorful, Alycia requested for a slap of strawberry jam, peanut butter and kaya on her pancakes.  I then cut them into triangle slices like pizza and the gals love them to bits, including Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn.

Read more about my healthy pancakes here.

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The Gals’ Collection of Sharpeners

This is Alycia and Sherilyn’s collection of sharpeners – 6 double hole sharpeners and 1 huge durable sharpener, plus more than 5 single hole sharpeners (not in picture).  They seem to have a thing with sharpeners and keep sharpening their pencils and color pencils. I used to hide these sharpeners in a drawer fastened with a child lock but ever since Alycia the ring leader discovered how to open all the child locks, I have to remove them from the drawer and put them high up on a wall-mounted shelve.

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The Expert In Lodging

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Cracked Lips Relief For Toddlers Anyone?

The weather has been so terribly dry and hot lately.  Not only am I the one who’s having dry skin and cracked lips, even Alycia has cracked lips and her eczema is flaring up again though we have all been drinking plain water like a camel.  I’ve been hunting high and low for toddlers lip balm at a few pharmacies but can’t get it.  When I went to Hong Kong 2 years ago, my sil bought us a tube of Pigeon brand baby lip balm but I dare not use it on the gals now for fear of the lip balm being expired, as I can’t see the expiry date on the tube.  Does anyone know where to get lip balm for babies / toddlers in KL?

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A Pregnant Mummy’s Crave

Today I craved for curry puff and fatt koa, aka Chinese muffins.  So I went to the nearby Chinese kuih stall to buy a gigantic curry puff with lots of chicken, potatoes and eggs as filling (which costs RM1.30 each) and a purple sweet potato fatt koa.  When hubby saw me eating these and sharing the fatt koa with the gals, got lecture from him again.  Ever since I am preggers, hubby does not like to see me eat hawkers food.  Each time he sees me eating fried vegetarian meehoon bought from the roadside van or any food bought from hawkers, he will give me a strict sideway glance and shake his head.  Worst still if he sees me feeding his 2 princesses with these food!  So I normally eat before he wakes up or after he is off to work, LOL!

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Free Legal Consultation

A defibrillator is a machine that administers a controlled electric shock to the chest or heart to correct a critically irregular heartbeat that cannot drive the circulation. If you or your loved ones or anyone whom you know of has a recalled Medtronic defibrillator that uses a Spring Fidelis lead implanted in your body, the Fidelis lead will experience a lead fracture within 30 months of implantation. The bad news is that Medtronic will not pay for procedures to replace functioning leads that patients want taken out to prevent potential problems. But the good news is that you can get free legal consultation on your Medtronic Lawsuit from Mark & Associates, P.C. Do check them out at their website at soonest possible.

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Maid Stories

After yesterday’s episode, my maid has been extra nice, extra jovial and extra patient to everyone today.  I guess sometimes these maids need to be threatened a little and shown that we mean business and let them know that we are not afraid if they leave us.  When hubby asked her to leave our house with her Nepalese boyfriend, I really thought she would pack her bags and leave but I was wrong.  She kept saying she wants to stay and continue working till her contract expires mid of next month. Or maybe she wants to continue staying because of her boyfriend? She knows she  can’t elope with her boyfriend  just like that.  She still needs us to renew her work permit and her passport is with us.  I don’t know and I just hope that she will not cause any more problems till her last day. I just want to send her off in a good note and bid her a proper farewell and not like how we sent our 4 previous maids off.

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I Love Fruits

I just love fruits and these are how much I eat every week, to be shared with the gals, hubby and my maid. These are just some that I keep outside the fridge and there’re more fruits in the fridge – oranges, pears, red dragon fruits, apples, plums, yellow kiwi fruits and papayas.  Before I was preggers, I ate even more and I just loved pineapples, grapefruits and watermelons, all the cooling fruits. I am just so craving to eat sweet pineapples now. My anesthesiologist once told me that it’s alright to eat pineapples as long as I don’t eat them excessively but still, I’m not touching them just yet as I know how ‘sharp’ it is to our stomach.

Mangoes, papayas, kiwi fruits, oranges….

Bananas, green and yellow kiwi fruits and cikus.

Though cikus are nice to eat but I just hate the sticky sap that sticks to my teeth, knife and spoon. I use baby oil to wash off the sap from the knife and spoon but have to endure the sap that sticks to my teeth.

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Lovely Bridesmaid Gifts

When my cousin kindly accepted to be my bridesmaid years ago, I had only given her an ‘ang pow’ (Chinese red packet containing money) as gesture of appreciation. Thinking back, I should have given her something more meaningful and personalized instead of cash. A close friend of mine who is getting married in 2 weeks has bought some really nice bridesmaid gifts from for her 2 bridesmaids. She got them a silver-plated princess jewelry box and a silver-plated heart jewelry box each and though the jewelry boxes looked so elegant and expensive, they only cost $11.95 and $10.95 respectively. Best of all, the lovely jewelry boxes are personalized with the names of her bridesmaids engraved on the cover of the box. I am sure anyone receiving such lovely personalized gifts will feel touched.

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Alycia’s Birthday Pressies… Part 1

We got a package from New Zealand several days ago. It’s a pressie from Alycia’s mah mah and 3rd koo mah from NZ.  Inside are these books.

Clifford The Red Dog, one of Alycia and Sherilyn’s favorite story books.

And of course, their all time favorite Barney….

And also Dr Seuss, a book that every toddler should read as Dr Seuss’ books are all funny and silly and the words all rhyme, so it’s very easy for toddlers to remember the words.

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Dry Skin Relief

My gynae recommended JoJo E oil from Garden Of Eve and this tiny bottle costs RM5o. Have been applying Jojo oil on my body twice a day for the past 5 days after my shower but sadly, it does not seem to bring much relief to my extremely dry skin.  My skin still looks very dry, is peeling and looks withered.  I wonder if it’s caused by my baby absorbing all my nutrients, thus the reason for my dry and dull skin.

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Be Wise, Get A Gas Rebate Credit Card

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