Alycia’s Birthday Lunch At Pavillion

Today, we celebrated Alycia’s birthday at Pavillion. We had lunch at the famous worldwide Tony Roma’s beef ribs restaurant.

Hop on to my other blog to see what we ate at Tony Roma’s. The beef ribs were one of the best I’ve ever tasted and I will definitely go back to Roma’s and this time, we will order the largest portion!

Daddy not only surprised Alycia with this slice of strawberry cheese cake, but I got a pleasant surprise too as he did not tell me that the restaurant is giving this slice of cheese cake on the house.

When the waiters came to our table with the cheese cake singing “Happy Birthday”, Alycia got a rude shock. We thought she would be burst out laughing but  she looked rather pissed off and did not even want to blow the candles!

In the end, our little Miss Social Butterfly Sherilyn blew the candles and stole her sister’s thunder, as expected!

After lunch, daddy brought Alycia to shop for some clothes. I got her some very nice blouses at Mothercare as they are having a sale and also some clothes from Giordano Junior as they are currently having a promotion.

Stay tuned for more…..

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Happy 4th Birthday Alycia


4 years ago at this time, daddy had brought mummy and granny to Sunway Medical Centre. It was the day that mummy, daddy and your grandparents had been waiting for for years to come. Mummy was all jittery and anxious as she just couldn’t wait to see you and hold you in her arms. Mummy had gone through so much pain, heartache, hardship and emotional roller coaster rides just to conceive you and carry you to the 38th week.

Mummy could still remember every single hour that passed in the hospital whilst waiting for your arrival. At 1pm, mummy was finally wheeled into the OT. She was shivering as the room was freezing cold. The anesthesiologist, Dr PK Wong then administered the spinal cord anesthetic into mummy’s spinal cord. It was really painful and long but mummy endured. When Dr Jason Lim came in, mummy was really excited but terribly terrified. Mummy could feel Dr Jason cutting her up but she could not feel any pain. She could only feel her body move as the doctor cut her up and she could feel that there were a lot of activities going on at her belly area. Mummy was shivering and her teeth were clattering due to the effects of the epidural and also the fear in her.

As Dr Jason was trying to bring you out from mummy’s womb, he told mummy that you had already poo pooed inside. Oh dear, thank God mummy had listened to Dr Jason and went ahead to deliver you 2 weeks earlier via elective c-section, else you would have eaten your own poop and gotten sick!

Minutes later, mummy heard a weak wail and the anesthesiologist said “you’ve got a chubby and fair baby girl. What have you been feeding her with?” He then brought you over to mummy and there you were winking at mummy. Your face was as white as snow and you were oh so chubby, the most beautiful baby mummy had ever seen. Daddy began snapping your pix.

When mummy was wheeled back to her ward, the nurse brought you in. As she was walking in, she said “your baby has blond hair!” When daddy, mummy and granny took a closer look at you, indeed we saw streaks of blond hair. You were so terribly fair. You then opened your beautiful eyes and everyone’s heart melted. You have big eyes with double eye lids and you have the 2 sweetest dimples on your cheeks too. Everyone who saw you commended on how beautiful you were. Mummy was beaming with pride and joy. The years of going through infertility treatment to have you were all worth it. The 9 months of sufferings mummy went through were all worth it.

Alycia, you are indeed mummy and daddy’s pride and joy. Happy 4th birthday to you and we love you very much!

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