Take A Year-End Break, Visit Dubai

The long holidays will be knocking on our doors again soon and if you want to escape the long chilly winter to get some tropical warmth and enjoy the sun and the sea, head on to Dubai, the city of gold.

Dubai is located at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia and attracts several millions tourists each year. According to a recent article in The Guardian, Dubai is growing faster than any city on earth. If you have always wanted to visit the Middle East, then Dubai is a great place to start with. Dubai is a haven for shoppers as shopping is tax-free and many tourist flock to Dubai for shopping sprees. During the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), you can find anything that you want at rock bottom prices and during this time, many hotels and apartments offer great deals and special offers.

If you plan to visit Dubai, be sure to check out http://www.dubaiapartments.biz/, the biggest short term rental portal in Dubai with over 120 self-catering properties to choose from for varying preferences and budgets. Though Dubai Hotels are aplenty but most of them are costly. Of course there are still many affordable hotels in Dubai and you must know where to source for them from the internet. For cheaper accommodation, it is highly recommended to get short term rental apartments in Dubai

At DubaiApartments.biz, one can source for a wide range of apartments in Dubai, whether Dubai furnished apartments or luxurious Dubai hotel apartments. Their website is very user-friendly and you can search your choice of property by location, price, currency, type and number of bedrooms.

One place that is highly recommended for accommodation is The Shoreline Apartment on the Palm Island Jumeirah, known as the 8th Wonder Of The World. There is a promotion on-going from 3 December through 18 December 2007 where room rates start from as low as USD300 per night.  Check out this luxurious beach resort apartment at DubaiApartments.biz and consider a well-deserved break and vacation in Dubai before you start your new year feeling fully recharged.

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Alycia’s Birthday Pressies…Part 2

Here’s another toy that Alycia received for her birthday and is one of the gals’ favorite too.  For the longest time, Alycia has been bugging me to get her a play doh set but I’ve always hesitated as I know how messy it’s going to get, especially with Sherilyn.  When Alycia saw this pressie on Sunday, she was beaming with joy as she finally got what she wanted. 

When we returned from the birthday party on Sunday, the gals were so excited with the pressies that they did not even nap though they were exhausted.  Instead, they spent almost 2 hours hours playing with their new toys.  Alycia who loves cooking pretended to be making bread and food with her play doh and spent a good 1 hour playing with the doh.  But after they were done with it, I had to spend a good 15 minutes clearing the mess they had caused on the table, on the floor and on their hands.

BTW, I did not even have a chance to see who gave Alycia this pressie as the gals ripped open the present papers as soon as they got home.  Whoever you are who gave this to Alycia, thank you very much for this lovely gift.

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Care Homes For Your Loved Ones

When we are young and are blessed with have good health, good memory and have no problems with our movements, we tend to take these gifts for granted. We sulk when we cannot earn as much as our colleagues or friends and we are constantly chasing material things to the extent of neglecting our bodies and health during our heydays. As we age, health problems start to crop up unexpectedly one by one. Growing old can be quite frightening especially if you’re stricken with a string of ailments and need 24-hour care. I can only pray that I can spend my twilight years happily and peacefully together with my loved ones with no major ailments as I do not want to be a burden to my kids. However, should my kids be unable to take care of me due to unforeseen circumstances in future, I would not mind staying at a good care home to receive proper care.

There are many good care homes these days that provide dedicated care to the aged and the sick. If you’re looking for a care home for your loved ones, do check out BetterCaring.com, a website that provides dedicated service and advice for anyone who needs answers to important questions regarding care for their loved ones at care homes.

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Plain Tired and Sleepy

I have been feeling really sleepy and lethargic these days.  I wonder if I had overworked myself for the last few weeks and now my body is telling me to slow down. I used to be able to wake up at 5:30am to do my writing, sometimes even able to feel fresh and alert to wake up at 3 or 4am to check for offers but now, all I need is just sleep, sleep and sleep and I just have no zest or zeal to pull myself up from bed at those crazy hours anymore.  Now, I sleep at around 12 midnight and can only wake up at the earliest 6:30am, though my alarm clock would buzz me at around 6am.  I wonder if it’s due to my pregnancy hormones playing  tricks on me. 

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Free Workout Routines

If you are bent on losing some weight and gaining some muscles but cannot afford to hire a personal trainer, well, here’s some great news for you. You can now get free workout routines from MuscleAndStrength.com, a website dedicated to the health and fitness nut. You can search through their huge workout routine database for free for all types of workouts ranging from weight training, bodybuilding, weight loss and muscle building. Each routine gives you a detailed daily workout schedule on what you should do. There is also free advice on how many calories you should be taking or losing each day and what diet plan you should be following. It’s really awesome. I am going to bookmark this website and start my workout routine to get back into shape after delivering my 3rd baby next year.

This post is brought to you by Muscle And Strength

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