Lovely Headbands

When we were at Pavillion on Wednesday, daddy brought the gals shopping for clothes and stuff. When the gals saw this store that sells pretty headbands and accessories, they tried on almost all the headbands on display there.

My little vainpot Sherilyn kept putting on the headbands and running into the fitting room to look at herself on the mirror, and pose a little. After trying on almost all the hair accessories in the store, they finally chosed a headband each – Alycia chosed a white headband with pretty flowers on it and Sherilyn chosed this headband with 2 furry butterflies on spring.

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Feeling Really Heavy

As I was running across the road to the newspaper vendor to buy the morning papers, I suddenly felt really heavy, as if my legs just can’t carry my body weight anymore.  I have always been petite and light all my life (except during my pregnancies) and this morning, gee, I felt heavy and fat once again.  I have so far gained 6kg and I forsee to gain 1kg a month for the next 4 months till my delivery day.  Just hope I won’t have a hard time shedding off those fat. I think I will really need to buy a treadmill to help me loose weight coz I don’t think I will have the time to jog at 7am everday anymore with 2 toddlers and 1 infant to care for. 

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During my last confinement after the delivery of Sherilyn, I think I suffered from a mild case of post-natal blue as I felt depressed and had migraine for almost one month. It was all caused by the confinement lady whom I had hired. I had hired this lady to babysit Alycia in our house for 1 month prior to giving birth to Sherilyn and had also booked her as my confinement lady. During the 1 month she stayed with us looking after Alycia, I was already very cheesed off with her attitude. I am not going into the details of what she did as I do not want to bad-mouth her in my blog. Anyway, I had no choice but to retain her as my confinement lady as it was too late to get another confinement lady and I was going to give birth to Sherilyn during the Chinese New Year holiday at that time.

For the entire month the confinement lady stayed with us, I felt really angry with her and depressed and my migraine was unbearable. I am really hoping that this time, I will be able to hire a good confinement lady as I do not want to go through what I went through 3 years ago. If I suffer another bout of depression again, I think I will have to consider taking kratom from The I Am Shaman Shop to ease my mind. Wish me luck with my confinement lady this time.

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Ice Cream Again

When Alycia did not eat much at Tony Roma’s beef ribs restaurant on her birthday on Wednesday, daddy told her that he will get her something else to eat.  Whilst I waited at the restaurant for Sherilyn to finish her lunch, daddy brought Alycia round the classy newly opened Pavillion food court for her to pick her choice of food. 

I had already guessed what she would pick and I was right, she came back with with an ice cream from New Zealand Ice Cream.  And as daddy was walking into the restaurant, he hid the other ice cream cone behind him, walked towards Sherilyn and surprised his little princess with the strawberry ice cream! 

And oh yes, if you go to Pavillion, do check out their upscale food court. It’s clean and big and the choice of food is really wide and good too.

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I Need A Solid Bookcase

I love buying books for my kids and I am happy that my kids love reading books. They have books strewn everywhere in the house – in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, on our dining table and in the bathroom coz these places are where the kids will read their books. We do not really have a proper bookcase to keep the books and every night, our maid will store all these books in a plastic 3-tier drawer. I hate to see books treated this way, all piled up one another and I hate to see the corner of the books dog-eared as a result of how they are kept in the drawers. Also, when the kids request for their favorite book, we have to spend an hour hunting for the book.

I have been thinking of getting a proper solid open shelf bookcase to place the books and I have seen some nice Oak Bookcases at, an online store that specializes in furnishing people’s homes with good quality and stylish oak and wood furniture for almost 60 years.

What I like about their bookcases is that they are all very solid and not wobbly, just perfect for my 2 rambunctious toddlers. Even if they shake and climb on the bookcase, it will not fall apart. And it blends in very well with the rest of my furniture in the living room and dining room.

This post is brought to you by Barn Furniture Mart.

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