Cravings Changing Like The Weather

My cravings are changing like the weather now.  During the initial months of my pregnancy, I only liked eating salty and spicy food, absolutely nothing sweet as they would make me feel nauseous instantly, and I felt hungry all the time.  At 20 weeks now, I feel bloated and full most of the time.  My crave for fried vegetarian meehoon and nasi lemak or curry noodles for breakfast has gone.  I don’t even have the appetite to eat even a slice of toast for breakfast. 

Instead, I now love fruits – all sorts and my latest craze is ‘kam kat’ or sweet tangerines from China and the mini mandarin oranges that are in season now.  Today, I ate a seedless guava, half a red dragon fruit, some big crunchy grapes and a glass of HL Marigold milk for breakfast.  At mid morning, I ate an egg yolk (coz Alycia hates egg yolks) together with the gals when they had their breakfast.  Also nibbled on some of the gals’ Pepperidge cheese fish biscuits. 

For lunch I was still feeling really full and only managed to force myself eat a slice of toast with peanut butter and a bowl of black chicken soup with snow fungus.  I am still feeling really full and bloated now.  I think I am the only pregnant woman who is feeling bloated and full all the time as I notice most pregnant women have appetite like a sumo wrestler!

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Dream Homes

I have always dreamed of owning a home that is built within a gated community where security is well taken care of; a home that is built on a breathtaking open space throughout a community centered around a beautiful and clean private lake. My kids and I can then jog round the tracks surrounding the lake every evening. On weekends, we can have a picnic by the lake with friends and neighbors. How ideal that would be if I could own such a home.

If you share a similar dream with me, you will be glad to know that you can now purchase such homes in North Carolina at NC Homes For Sale.  At NC Homes, you are spoilt for choice with their extensive range of dream homes built in different settings. Whether you are looking for a lakeside community home or a coastal community home, log home,  mountain community home, custom built home, golf community home or condominiums, you can purchase your dream home at NC Homes. Check out NC Homes at their website at to select your dream home today.

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Mothercare Bibs

When we were at the Mothercare outlet at Pavillion the other day, I saw these nice plastic bibs selling for only RM17.90 each.  It’s been really difficult to get these plastic bibs and I’ve been hunting high and low for them for over 1 year.  What I like about these plastic bibs is that it’s easy to wash and it drys up very quickly unlike cloth ones which take a longer time to dry.  So I got 3 of them. Too bad there’s only one color available, else I would have bought at least 5 of them!

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Online Custom Writing Services

You have 2 essays and an argumentative research paper to submit in 3 days. On top of that, you have to prepare for a presentation to show your professor tomorrow. Your head is spinning as there is no way you can complete all your assignments on time. If you are often faced with a similar situation, fret not coz help is at hand at, a highly qualified online provider of custom writing services  of PhD level.  Whether you need a custom written paper, an essay or a dissertation, has the expertise to provide you with high quality work that is plagiarism free and provides you with a money back guarantee. Check them out for more information.

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Create Your Own Scrapbook Online

One of the things that I’d really love to learn is making digital scrapbook for my 2 kids’ pictures. I have some very nice pictures of them that I would love to put them into a nice scrapbook. My blogging friends have been telling me how easy it is to create digital scrapbook for pictures but it is time consuming and I need to purchase certain software to do it, something which I just cannot afford the time to do.

Now, I can design my own scrapbook without having to download any software at – Scrapbook Design Studio by just paying a nominal price for the album, papers and scrapbook supplies. is an online retail store for scrapbooking supplies and the only free web-based design studio to help scrapbook lovers create beautiful scrapbook layouts without any downloads. I can upload my own pictures, add text, images or stickers to create my own scrapbook. When I am done, I can either order all the supplies with the click of a button to make it myself or I can request to make the scrapbook for me and ship it over to me at a nominal price. I tried creating my own scrapbook by uploading pictures of Alycia onto a scrap paper and I am so glad with what I have created!

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