Oh Wow Mummy!

Oh wow mummy, what is this

I am sure all kids will get tickled pink to see this fanciful mask. We were at this shop called Teddy Tales at Pavillion that sells fanciful masks and hair accessories.

Daddy was busy choosing the masks for the gals to try on and the gals, they were laughing away as they looked at themselves in the mirror.   Alycia and Sherilyn were really thrilled to pieces to see and try on those silly masks, though some looked quite creepy.   Daddy gets really happy when his 2 princesses are happy and having the time of their lives! 

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If Only We Could Go To Orlando

As the year is fast drawing to an end, I have been reminding hubby to quickly utilize the free hotel room vouchers he has that comes with his membership with several hotels here before they expire end of the year. The kids just enjoy the hotel stays, especially the food and playing in the swimming pool with daddy. Though we would really love to bring the kids to Walt Disney World in Orlando and stay at one of those beautiful Orlando Holiday Villas with a large swimming pool, I guess we have to settle for some local holidays before daddy makes enough money.  Should daddy make enough money to bring us all to Walt Disney World in Orlando, we would surely be booking our Orlando vacation home from Lowery’s Vacation Homes.

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