“I Friend You, I Don’t Friend You”

Alycia has picked up a favorite line in pre-school recently.  Each time I scold her, she will say this to me as if she’s saying it to her classmates : “I don’t friend you already, I friend Kay Yi.”  She then goes to Sherilyn and say this :  “Kay Yi, come I friend you, I don’t friend mummy. Come and play with me.”    When Sherilyn ignores her, she will get upset and cries and begs Sherilyn to play with her. It’s really funny to see my 2 gals acting this way as it reminds me of my childhood days.  I used to say  “I don’t friend you already” or “I want to friend you” a lot when I was in primary school.  Today, Sherilyn has picked up this line from Alycia. When I scolded her for playing with water this morning, she said “I dowan to fren you di, I fren cheh cheh!”  *slaps forehead*

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VoIP Call Center Phone System

When I was working in the Human Resources Department of a large organization several years ago, one of the tasks assigned to our department by the Management was to find a way to reduce the cost of the Call Center. My colleague and I were then delegated to conduct a survey among our competitors to find out what phone systems they used at their Call Center and how much their phone bills and phone systems maintenance cost. From the results of the survey conducted, we gathered that the companies that used the VoIP Call Center Phone Systems incurred lower phone bills and maintenance costs. Their downtime was also lower. One company that provided such phone systems to them is Xpander Communications. With a VoIP Call Center Phone System in place, these were the companies that outperformed their competitors in terms of customer care efficiency and profitability.

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Sleeping Styles

This morning when I went into the gals’ room to wake them up, I saw them sleeping in this position.  Sherilyn’s place was supposed to be on the extreme left and I normally sleep in between them.  She must have crawled to Alycia’s place in her sleep.  Sherilyn has a tendency of crawling to Alycia’s place and snuggle next to her sister.  She seems to love the warmth of her sister!

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Would You Be Glad or Sad?

My 3-year old mobile phone finally breathed its last breath last week and conked out.   After one week of being mobile phone-less, hubby finally got me a new mobile phone yesterday, despite his busy schedule this week.  I should be really glad that hubby bought me a new mobile phone right? No! When I inserted the SIM card into my new mobile phone, I realized that the I can’t even see a single number stored in the phone.  Hubby told me that my numbers were all stored in the memory of my old mobile phone and not the SIM card and when it died, the memory could have gone with it too.

Anyway, today, he went back to the phone shop to try and retrieve my numbers from the old mobile phone that he has traded in.  However,  hubby was told by the sales man that none of the numbers could be retrieved. Oh bummmer, hundred over numbers all gone in a flash!  Just tell me what I’m supposed to do now?  Hundred over numbers all gone and how am I going to trace back these numbers?  Email all my friends and ask them to provide me with their numbers again?  Then, key in one by one into my mobile phone?  Sei lor, that will take me days if not weeks to complete my mission.  What the fun, great!

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A Grand Flowery Wedding

Remember I told you about my friend who is getting married to a wealthy businessman’s son this month? Her wedding reception is going to be a real grand wedding. It will be a garden wedding to be held at a 5-star hotel that is facing a beautiful lake. The wedding arch will be decorated with lots of beautiful fresh roses, peonies and her favorite flower, calla lilies.  She and her prince charming will arrive at the hotel on a gondola that will be beautifully decorated with fresh roses and calla lilies. Her wedding bouquet will of course be made up of calla lilies, gerbera daisies and roses. Each of the table for the guests will also have a table centerpiece made up of calla lilies as décor. She has been searching high and low for wholesale calla lilies until she found FiftyFlowers.com, an online store that carries a WIDE variety of fresh flowers selling at low cost. The calla lilies that she has ordered from FiftyFlowers.com cost up to 75% cheaper than what most florists are selling. No wonder she can afford to order thousands of calla lilies without batting an eyelid. I just can’t wait to attend her flowery wedding next week.

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Oranges, Oranges, Oranges


These are some of my current pregnancy craves now – ‘kam kat’ (tangerines) and tiny mandarin oranges.  When these were off-season a few months ago, it cost almost RM1 for EACH tiny tangerine, yet I bought them coz I was craving for them.   Now, the tangerines are sold everywhere and I bought them for only RM5 per pack at the pasar malam.  Not only am I crazy over these citrus fruits, even Alycia and Sherilyn are crazy over them.  Well, as long as they don’t eat too much (as an overdose of them would cause diarrhea), it would otherwise be a healthy snack alternative to crackers, biscuits and candies.

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Thrills Of Grabbing Opps

If you are a blogger who does paid posts, tell me, do you feel thrilled to pieces when you see this particular advertising network release opps one by one?  I already feel elated when I see one opp appearing on my screen and when I refresh my screen and see more opps popping out, I feel as if I see a philanthropist throwing money  on the street and I have to fight with other people to grab the money, LOL!  

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Will Our Dreams Come True?

Every December spells holiday for hubby and I. Ever since we have been married, we have been going to somewhere nice for a vacation towards the end of the year. It’s a good way to unwind ourselves and recharge our batteries before we face a fresh new year ahead. Ever since the kids came along, we have had only one vacation and that was more than 2 years ago when we went to Hong Kong.

I have been bugging hubby to bring the kids and I for a vacation overseas before our baby pops out next April.  Since the kids are obsessed with Disney cartoons and Disney characters, the ideal family-friendly place to visit would be to Orlando, home to Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, among others. If we have the opportunity to bring the gals to Walt Disney World, we would get our Disney Tickets from OrlandoFunTickets.com, the Orlando theme parks ticket specialist who have contracts with every major Orlando vacation theme park with the lowest prices on discount tickets for ALL Orlando attractions. Now, we can only pray that our wish would come true!

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