eLearning For My Girls

Alycia and Sherilyn’s latest learning method is from the computer.  Lately, Alycia is demanding to be read to from the computer instead of from books.  Almost everyday, I will read to the gals from the computer for about 15 minutes, then I will let Alycia rule the computer for another 15 minutes whilst I put my feet up and lie on the couch to take a power nap. 

Alycia has now mastered the mouse and is quite familiar with the e-books from KizClub and Starfall.  She can now independently navigate around these 2 websites by clicking on the ‘menu’, choosing the level she wants to be in and choose her own stories.  She has even learned to play educational word games at the Starfall website.   If you have a toddler, I would fully recommend these 2 websites for them to pick up their reading skills.  For KizClub, I can even leave the website to read the books to the gals whilst I take my nap.

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Yummy Tarts and Pies

For tarts and pie (Chinese sytle) lovers, do check out this stall called John King at the Pavillion food court. It sells a wide variety of tarts and pies and fried Dim Sum delicacies.

When we were there last week, hubby bought an egg tart, milk tart, chicken pie and ‘char siew sow’ .  They were all very tasty.

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Las Vegas, Where Excitement Never Ends

If I ever get a chance to visit Las Vegas, apart from experiencing the spectacular night life, great shows and entertainment in the ‘Sin City’, one of the places that I would definitely not miss visiting is the Grand Canyon. No other experiences will beat the adrenaline-pumping experience I will get when I walk out over the edge of the Grand Canyon on the brand new Grand Canyon Skywalk platform made of glass where there will be 2,000 feet of air between me and the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Before I fly to Las Vegas, I will need to search for some affordable Las Vegas Hotels at BestOf Vegas.com, a website specializing in everything Las Vegas. I sure wish my dream of experiencing the world famous Sin City and the dream-like sensation of walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk will materialize one day.

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Giordano Junior

Got these clothes for Alycia from Giordano Junior. There is an on-going promotion now where for every 3 items purchased, there is a 30% discount. Wanted to buy more as the tops and skirts were not very costly and very funky, but then again I told myself that Alycia does not need so much clothes, plus she outgrows them really fast.

Sexy striking green sleeveless blouse and a denim jeans skirt with floral prints at back of skirt.

Cute baby doll spaghetti top with smockings. Goes well with her new Pumpkin Patch jeans.

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