Sisters But Different In Every Way

Though sisters, but their looks, characters, personalities and taste buds are the exact opposite.  One is sociable but one is shy, one loves meat while the other eats no meat, one is fair but the other is hitam manis, one loves chocolate milk while the other would not touch any liquid that is brown in color,  one loves soups but the other thinks they taste like medicine, one gobbles up her food within minutes whilst the other takes hours to finish her meals.  But one thing is the same, daddy and mummy love them equally always.

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Silver Honey Dew

I was grocery shopping at Jaya Jusco, Mid Valley the other day and saw this unique honey dew called Silver honey dew.  This pint-size honey dew is almost half the size smaller than then regular honey dew, i.e. about the size of an Indian mango.  This cute looking honey dew costs RM4.90 each.  It tastes exactly the same as the regular honey dew but what I like about it is that because it is small, we can finish the whole melon immediately and don’t have to keep it in the fridge for days till it becomes watery.

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Car Accessories Craze

I am not a car lover and I will not understand why some car lovers are willing to part with a chunk of their hard earned money each month on car accessories for their cars or modifying their cars. Take my friend’s hubby for example. He will spend his money on such car accessories like double piping system, chrome door handles, billet grilles, tailgate covers and much more every other month. He drives a Honda City but with all the elaborate accessories added to his car and a new coat of striking pink metallic paint to his car, it sure looks like a sports car. It drives my friend mad that her hubby spends most of the time in the car accessories shop or online at ordering his car accessories.

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A Good University Degree Makes All The Difference

Many of my friends laugh when I tell them that I am already saving the university funds for my 2 kids, and another one on the way next year. They tell me that they are only toddlers and it’s still too early to start saving for their university funds. But I don’t think it’s ever too early coz I want all my kids to have the opportunity to study in a reputable university abroad and that would cost a fortune if hubby and I were to send all 3 of our kids to study abroad.

It is my wish to provide my kids the privilege to study in a good university like the California College  or the LA College under the Westwood College which has five campus locations in the Los Angeles area, with a variety of degree programs at each location. These campuses are built at a location where there are lush parks, urban cityscapes, scenic mountains, beaches and much more offering the students the idyllic environment to stay and study. Recreational and cultural activities are also abound in their campus. I did not have the opportunity to go abroad to study and I certainly do not want my kids to miss this opportunity too. 

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