Latest Recipe Cofee House, Le Meridien Hotel

We had buffet lunch at Latest Recipe Coffee House @ Le Meridien Hotel today. There was a wide assortment of food on the buffet spread ranging from Japanese (sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki), Western, Indian, Chinese and local. Though the spread of food was wide, hubby and I didn’t eat much as hubby’s having a flu and as for me, I can’t eat much these days.  I was really salivating looking at the spread of fresh sashimi, raw oysters, fried clams, smoked salmon and cold deli cuts but I had to walk away fast from the counters to stop myself from drooling.  Just wait 5 more months and I can eat till I puke, LOL!

View from the coffee house was beautiful and presentation of food was attractive. The dessert corner was heavenly but I didn’t help myself to any of the cakes and pastries. Only had an ‘Ice-cream Teppanyaki’.   Shall post about it later. Overall, I would rate the food 6 or 7 over 10. Given a choice, I would rather choose Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La Hotel or any of the restaurants at PJ Hilton or Hilton Sentral.

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Hassle-Free Unsecured Credit Line

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Free Phone Chat and Online Chat

I am sure there are times when you suffer from insomnia at night and can’t get into slumber and all you want to do is to call your friends and chat with them but you will most likely get screwed up by your friend for calling them at such ungodly hours. The next time you need someone to chat with, just call a special number at and there will be hundreds of people waiting to talk to you.  Talk121 is a free phone chat service that offers you live chat lines and voice personals through the phone and internet. You can use the fun free chat service anytime you want as long as you are above 18 years of age.

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