Sunday School Party

Yesterday, there was a Christmas cum birthday celebration party at Alycia and Sherilyn’s sunday school.  There was a Mickey Mouse pandan layer cake for kids whose birthdays fall in the month of November and December.  The kids were given candy canes, nuggets and party packs.

  Alycia, my Miss Shy Fly being shy and aloof when asked to cut the cake.

Sherilyn, my Miss Social Butterfly having a whale of her time.

My teachings to the gals on not eating junk food has paid off well.  The gals willingly parted with all their snacks and gave to kakak BUT kept only the Mamee snack.  Mummy has to give a little leeway, can’t go cold turkey and leave them with nothing, right?

Yesterday, Sherilyn bravely went up the stage to present a Christmas pressie to the pastor.  Read more here…….

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