Sherilyn tends to have butterfingers.  She drops her food most of the time and spills water 9 out of 10 times she is given a cup of water.  When she drops something that she loves to eat, she will waaaaail out really loud and this would touch daddy or mummy’s hearts instantly.  One time she dropped her New Zealand ice-cream on the floor when we were shopping and waaaaaailed so pitifully that daddy got her another ice cream cone immediately. 

Yesterday, Sherilyn was eating a banana and again, she dropped it on the floor as she was walking.  She waaaaailed  as she knew that was the last banana left.  As she waaaaailed, she stared at the banana on the floor and wanted to pick it up to eat.  Of course I stopped her and tried to offer her something else but she didn’t want.  In the end, I turned on the TV and switched the channel to Animal Planet and that did the trick.  She stopped wailing immediately!

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