Goofing Around

Alycia and Sherilyn love doing silly things and goofing around. It’s nice to see them play and have so much fun with each other but worrying at the same time coz sometimes they don’t realize that they are playing a tad too rough with each other and minor accidents had occured before. When I hear them scream, laugh and squeal in excitement, I have to watch them closely, else they would loose control of themselves and hurt themselves.

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A Day Of Puking

First, it was Miss Pukey Sherilyn when she choked on her banana this evening. Despite me telling her to take small bites, she put the last bite of the banana into her tiny mouth,  had difficulty chewing it, choked and puked.  Luckily I had plastic bags at every nook and corner of the house.  I quickly grabbed a plastic bag and caught her puke.

Then it was Alycia’s turn.  During dinner, Alycia was gobbling down the fried turnip, which was one of her favorite dishes.  She has a habit of stuffing herself with food that she loves without even realizing that she’s too full.  Despite me telling her to stop eating, it fell on deaf ears.  When her tummy could not  handle it anymore, she ran to the loo to puke but was late and puked everywhere on the kitchen floor!  I was busy in the kitchen.

Alycia ended up having strawberry jam sandwich and when Sherilyn saw cheh cheh eating, she too demanded for strawberry jam sandwich.  There is never a dull moment when you have 2 very interesting toddlers.

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Yearning To Get That Job Promotion?

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Tasty Fish Soup

This is a pot of steaming hot, tasty and sweet fish soup boiled with ‘kau yue’ (is it called Mackeral in English?) bones, head, tomatoes, garlic and slices of ginger. The soup goes very well with noodles.

I had made some fish paste last week and used the fish bones to make some soup. Do check out my other blog to see how I made fish paste and fish balls from scratch.

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Relief For Dry and Peeling Skin

This is the picture of my belly with skin peeling taken a week ago.

Picture of my skin peeling from my arm taken a week ago. 

I have finally found a relief for my dry, peeling and itchy skin.  Here’s what I am doing now :

1) Apply either Jojo oil or Cocoa oil as first layer immediately after my bath, when my skin is still damp (twice a day)
2) Then, apply either Rosken Dry skin relief or Vaseline on the skin (twice a day).
3) Just before bedtime, I will apply another layer of Rosken Dry skin relief or Vaseline.
4) I’ve stopped using a bath loofah to scrub my skin.
5) Bathe with very little body shampoo  – almost half the amount of shampoo used.
6)  Use a very gentle body shampoo with moisturizer.  I’ve recently even switched to a soap-free and PH neutral body shampoo.
7) Apply very little amount of powder on my skin as powder can also dry up the skin.

Now, my skin does not itch ANYMORE and the peeling has stopped considerably. Downside is I smell of cocoa and petrol all the time and my body is perpetually sticky, yucky! What a big turnoff to hubby eh? LOL!

Even after my clothes are washed, they still smell of petrol from the Vaseline. But who cares as long as my body doesn’t itch anymore and I can have a good night’s sleep.

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The Best Gift

One of the best gifts we parents could give our kids to ensure that they have a bright and secure future is a solid foundation with good values and tertiary education. It is every parent’s dream to provide the best education to their kids but not every parent can afford to send their kids abroad to study in a reputable university. But despair not coz at capella university, your child can obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree via their distance learning program. Pursuing a degree online will save you loads of money as you don’t have to pay for your child’s lodging abroad, air fare, tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses incurred abroad at an in-campus university. There are currently 20,000 students round the globe pursuing their degrees via Capella University, an accredited online university that has been established 14 years. Do check out their website at  today to see the extensive choice of programs offered by Capella University.

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Our Simple Dinner

We normally have 3 dishes for dinner – a must-have stir-fried vegetables, a fish or a chicken and an egg or tofu dish or another vegetables dish.  Are these a lot? Hubby usually doesn’t join us for dinner as he works late and doesn’t like bland food (what an insult to my cooking eh?) catered for toddlers.  So these dishes are only for the 2 girls, my maid and I.  If hubby wants to eat, I will leave some dishes for him.

Yesterday we had a fried fish with blended tomato & bombay onions (sauce), a stir-fried chinese cabbage with homemade fish paste, a chicken dish (left over from previous night’s dinner), a fried egg for the girls and a radish & chicken soup .  Are these a lot? Most of my friends say that’s really a lot as they normally only have 2 dishes for dinner. 

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Visiting Niagara Falls

The year is fast drawing to an end. If you still have some annual leave to clear, quick book your holiday now and utilize your leave before they are forfeited when the new year starts. One country with the widest selection of cities for you to choose from to visit is no other than the USA. If you want a travel and hotel guide to gather more information on the city that you’d like to visit, simply visit USA Hotel Guide at as they have custom written over 500 travel guides on the major cities in the world.

If I have the luxury and opportunity to visit USA, I’d choose Ontario as it’s always been my desire to visit Niagara Falls – one of the natural wonders of the world. At the website of, I can be further directed to select cheap Niagara Falls hotels  and book the hotel of my choice online.  Cheap hotels are aplenty at the website of starting from only $71.69 per room per night at Aston Michaels Inn by the Falls. At the Niagara Falls Tourism Guide, I can even read more about Niagara Falls and all the events, things to do and places of interests at Niagara Falls.

Quick book your hotels and travel arrangements now as many people are rushing to book their vacations now to celebrate the long holidays.  Merry Christmas and happy new year to all!

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