Teppanyaki Ice-Cream

We had our first try of Teppanyaki ice-cream at the Latest Recipe Coffee House @ Le Meridien Hotel last Sunday.  I chosed a green tea ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, some pistachios, peanuts and almonds and the teppanyaki chef ‘cooked’ them on a flat ice-plate.  Really intriguing and unusual;  so far, I’ve only seen this at Hilton Sentral and Le Meridien Hotel, the 2 sisters hotel. 

After the ice-cream is ‘cooked’, we can even choose from close to a hundred types of toppings for the ice-cream ranging from all the nuts that you can think of to M&Ms, jelly beans, dried fruits, marshmallows, wafers and the list goes.  The ice-cream tasted really, really yummy!  This is one of the highlights at the coffee house.  Do check out the myriad of mouth-watering toppings for the ice-cream here.

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