MegaKidz and X’mas At Mid Valley Megamall

We spent our entire day at Mid Valley yesterday.   I was really drop dead exhausted and the varicose veins made my leg hurt like hell, as if the veins were going to erupt as I had shopped, queued up for ages to use the fitting rooms and to pay (which really pissed me off big time) and walked non stop for 5 hours!!   Whilst I shopped till I dropped, daddy and the maid spent almost the whole day at MegaKidz with the gals.  If you have not brought your kids to MegaKidz yet, I would really recommend this place as there are many activities abound and the place is huge and very kids’ friendly too.  Security is also tight.  Many parents (esp. Caucasions) drop their kids there whilst they shop and there will be child-minders to supervise your kids.   The gals had a REAL swell time there climbing, jumping, laughing and eating.  They also had spaghetti, eggs, bread, mashed potatoes and fries at the little cafe’ inside MegaKidz. 

It was a really enjoyable day for us yesterday.  For the first time, the gals experienced snow falling at Mid Valley.  Yes, it was a real white X’mas at Mid Valley as there were 4 snow makers on the top floor shooting snow down and all the patrons went ‘oooh’ and ‘aahhhh’ and kept snapping pix of the snow.  Our hair was also covered with snow flakes.  I was one of the ‘ulu’ mummies and kept snapping pix but of course, the snow flakes did not appear in the pix. There were also a  Caucasion Santa Clause and elves on stage for kids to take pix with them.

I shall post the pix later, so stay tuned….. 

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Everyone Loves Fried Vermicelli


My gals, especially Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn hates eating rice and dishes but if there is fried vermicelli or fried mee, she can chomp down a big bowl without any fuss, threats or bribes.  On days when we have fried vermicelli for lunch, I will ask my maid to cook one large pot that is even enough for everyone for dinner.  It’s so easy and simple – just cook once a day for 2 meals and everyone is happy!

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I Love Radish


This is a red radish.  I never knew that there are a few types of radishes until my mil bought them.  Apart from the white radish, there are also pink radish (pink skin white flesh) and green radish (green skin white flesh).  The pink and green ones taste much better than the white radish.  I love radish soup and stew with radish.  I even love raw shredded radish (the ones for eating with tempura) and pickled radish.

Here’s a chicken stew with pink radish, potatoes, Chinese chestnuts, bombay onions and tomatoes that I had cooked. 

I read that if one has taken medication or anything ‘poa’ (nourishing), then one is not supposed to eat radish as radish will negate the effects of the medication and the nutrients.

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I never really knew how Facebook worked until recently when a few of my old friends tried looking for me through Facebook.  Several days ago, a boy whom I had known when I was 13 years old sent me a message on Facebook. I can’t remember where we had met – it was either at his school’s  swimming pool where I used to go for swimming lessons and tournaments or at a road traffic program for kids.   He saw my name on the profile of one of my old classmates in Facebook and then, tried to search for me.  I had barely remembered who he was but after he had written several things about himself coupled with confirmation from him about the things that I had remembered about him, we finally confirmed that we had ‘reunited’ after 21 years, amazing!

I was so shocked to hear that he had recently gotten up from a coma after being involved in a tragic car accident. He is now recuperating and slowly gaining his vision and balance as he was seriously injured and was on a wheelchair.

Facebook is really a good way of searching for your long lost friends. Are you a member of Facebook too?  Looks like everyone is into Facebook now.

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Swimming Lessons

I am planning to send our kids for swimming lessons next year. Swimming is a survival skill and it’s best to let our kids learn this survival skill as soon as possible. I do have a problem however. We don’t live in a condominium where we can use the pool facility and it would be too costly to join a swimming club. If only we had a larger garden, we can consider getting some phoenix pool builders from to construct a nice swimming pool. Cameo Pools has 29 years of expertise in constructing high quality and lovely pools.  Hubby and I can then teach our girls swimming ourselves aside from getting the exercise that we need everyday. 

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Lots of Excuses

Whenever I ask Alycia to do writing, she will give me loads of lame excuses like she will tell me her hands are tired, she is sleepy, she wants to eat first and all sorts of silly excuses. Today when I asked her to do writing, she gave me this excuse “Mummy, I can’t believe my eyes, I can’t open my eyes di, I am so sleepy.” I gave her a sharp side-way glance and told her to do it or no TV for the whole day. Do your kids give you lame excuses too when they are asked to do writing?

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez rematch

If you are a fan of boxing, I am sure you will be really excited to know that Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are scheduled for a rematch on March 15 2008 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is indeed a much-anticipated rematch for boxing fans after their historic fight in May 2004 where Pacquiao knocked Marquez down three times in the first round only to have Juan Manuel Marquez come back and end up with a split draw.

Pacquiao, the star of the division, easily out-pointed Marco Antonio Barrera in a rematch on October 6th and was considering either the Marquez rematch or moving up to challenge lightweight titlist David Diaz. In the end, he decided to take the Marquez fight. This is indeed a long-awaited rematch and I am sure boxing fans round the world will be all geared up to watch the match to see who will win the title this time.

Pacquiao “PacMan” the Filipino star will remain at junior lightweight and challenge beltholder Juan Manuel Marquez for the 130-pound world title. Who do you think will clinch the title this time? I am very curious to know too as I have always liked watching boxing and the Gladiators! If you want to watch them fight, quick book your Paquiao vs Marquez tickets now at to avoid a disappointment as the tickets are being snapped up really fast. Marquez-Pacquiao II will be one of those ‘must-see’ fights for boxing fans round the world.

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