Haywire No More!

Got to thank Samm who has taught me how to reduce the size of my image.  Pretty simple, just edit the image by dragging the right bottom side of the image.  However, since it’s my first time doing it, the image went all over the place and I had to readjust it.  I just hope I did not mess up the codes as that particular post has soooooo many codes and requirements.  Praying hard that my post won’t get rejected by 3p.

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My Blog Has Gone Haywire!

After I had copied some codes to form an image in my blog post from the 3P website, my blog has gone haywire!  The image is incredibly huge  and the presentation of my blog would normal go haywire if an image that’s too huge is uploaded.  Oh dear, can anyone tell me how to solve my problem?  My blog looks so awful now! The left sidebar widgets are now all pushed to the bottom right side of my blog.  Please help….

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Learn And Practise Forex Trading With eToro

How would you like to invest your money if you have some excess? My cousin is not new to Forex trading and he has made some quick bucks through Forex trading over the last 10 years. When we met recently, he told me that it is not difficult to dabble in Forex as there are now many online trading platforms to assist Forex traders. Forex or Foreign Exchange is real-time buying of one currency and selling of another and is one of the biggest trading markets in the world.

With the money that I have earned from paid posts, I am quite tempted to invest them in Forex trading rather than let the money sit in the bank and earn peanuts. Novice Forex traders can now easily experience and enjoy Forex trading via eToro’s exciting visual trading platform.

eToro is an innovative Forex Trading platform that enables novice traders to easily enter the thrilling arena of currency trading through a user-friendly interface.

The eToro Forex software was designed in a way to appeal to non professional and novice traders, to enable them to learn and practice trading in a simple and user-friendly environment. There will be clear graphical visualization, online tutorials, live support and a forum for traders to communicate and discuss problems and ideas.

If you are new to Forex trading, do hop on to eToro.com to get a FREE download of eToro’s Forex software in just 3 simple steps!

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Simply Irresistable!

When we were at the Latest Recipe Coffee House @ Le Meridien Hotel last week, the gals were tickled pink when they saw not only one chocolate fondue but three!  A dark chocolate fondue, a milk chocolate fondue and a white chocolate fondue.  How can anyone resist such temptation especially when the fondues are placed right at the entrance of the coffee house?  

After their meals, Alycia and Sherilyn rushed to the fondues and began choosing their sticks to be dipped into the flowing chocolate fondue. 

I was so busy snapping their pix that I didn’t realize that Alycia’s hand and watch were coated with chocolate! That was really messy and I had to quickly bring her to the washroom to clean up.

After the enjoyable chocolate dipping session, the gals indulged in their chocolate coated fruits. Yummy!

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Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Shortly after Sherilyn woke up at 6am today, Alycia followed suit.  Since I could not do much work on the computer, I brought them to the playground and let them sweat it out and release all their pent up energy.  I’ve not brought them to the playground for almost a week already as it has been raining almost everyday.  The gals are still bursting with energy now and  seem the least sleepy.  I bet they will go cranky and tired by lunch time.  Anyway, I should get them to nap early today as my brother and sil from Singapore will be arriving today and we will celebrate my brother’s birthday at PJ Hilton tonight.  

Today is also the ‘toong cheet’ or Chinese Winter Solstice Festival.  We have not eaten ‘tong yuen’ (rice flour formed into balls and boiled with screwpine leaves, sugar and ginger) for years already.  Wonder if we can get them from the restaurant tonight.  To all the Chinese, Happy ‘toong cheet’ and enjoy your ‘tong yuen’.  Wish I could eat some today….

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Celebrate X’mas With A Mexican Touch

Christmas is just days away and if you’re planning to have a unique Christmas with a different touch with your loved one this year, why not go on a  Mexico Vacation and spend a few nights at one of the unique Karisma resorts located along the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico? The hotels are perfect for an exotic romantic honeymoon, a fairytale-like wedding or an all-inclusive vacation where activities and gourmet food are abound.  Whether you want an adults-only intimate vacation, a stress-free, family-friendly vacation or if you are a naturalist, you can choose from Karisma’s five signature resorts to suit your needs and wants. I bet a vacation spent at Karisma’s resort this Christmas will be one of your most memorable and cherished one, one with a unique Mexican touch and flavor!

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I Will Follow You… Wherever You Go

I woke up at 6am today and Sherilyn followed me too.  Gave her milk and washed her up and tried to put her back to sleep.  But that brat doesn’t want to go back to sleep.   She was climbing up and down, asking me tons of questions, pressing my keyboard and followed me everywhere that I went, including to the loo when I needed to do my biz and refused to let me close the toilet door. On mornings like this, when either of the brats wake up early together with me, I can’t do much work.  That’s the joy of motherhood and I should be enjoying every moment of my kids’ toddlerhood whilst I can, right?

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Envoy Management Station

If your organization is searching for an efficient remote management solution for the computer networks that span at different physical locations, Uplogix.com has manufactured an Envoy Management Station (EMS) that can answer your organization’s needs. The Uplogix EMS provides a web-based, centralized point of control for all of the Envoy appliances deployed throughout your environment and serves as an excellent log management for better security. Do check out Uplogix.com today and ask for a free evaluation to see what EMS can do for your organization.

This post is sponsored by Uplogix, Inc.

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