Choot Choot Trains

If you have kids who are crazy over trains, you can now bring your little ones to see some very cool trains at PJ Hilton. There are commodity trains, bullet trains and commuter trains running on tracks, complete with beautiful scenic mountains, hotair ballons, castles, animals, etc on a countryside. The display is at the lobby area, right outside the Paya Serai Coffee House. The display is really impressive. 

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Medical Assistant Careers

I never knew a career in medical assistant could pay so well until my former classmate told me recently. From young, this classmate of mine was very interested in the medical field. Whenever someone in the class had a minor accident or fainted, she would be the one who rushed to the scene to help. She did very well in her Upper Six exam but sadly, she was not accepted into a local university to pursue a degree in medicine.  As her parents could not afford to send her to a private university to pursue a degree in medicine, she went to a medical assistant school and took up a course in medical assistant. She started off as a nurse and 5 years later, she was promoted to the position of chief nurse at a prominent private hospital here earning a very decent salary.

If you are interested in a career in the medical office, you can now choose from a long list of medical assistant schools at This site helps people find the right schools for the different medical assistant training programs and medical careers they are interested in.   Medical assistance programs now open the door to a wide selection of stable and well-paid careers in healthcare as this industry is gradually booming.

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A Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway

February 14th marks the worldwide lovers’ day, Valentine’s Day. What would you truly love to receive from your loved one next year?  For me, definitely not flowers or chocolates as I don’t really appreciate them. What I would really love to do with my DH is to go on a romantic Valentine’s day getaway with him, just the two of us, minus the kids.

My first choice would be a Valentine’s break to Paris  where we would check into a charming apartment in the heart of Paris and then spend a romantic evening together at the Eiffel Tower and take a train ride from Paris to Lyon.

My second choice would be a romantic Valentine’s holiday to Lake Como, Italy  and stay at a beautiful lakefront villa with breathtaking lake views. Lake Como is one of the famous Italian lakes with spectacular views. I just like the laid back way of life at Lake Como. DH and I can just spend our days strolling around the beautiful villas or lakeside promenades or take a boat ride down the lake and get captivated by the panoramic lake views and idyllic lakeside setting. This scenic lake is also where one of the James Bond movie was shot. I am sure DH who is a discerning food lover and I will enjoy the authentic Italian food in Italy.

Now, if only my Valentine’s wish would come true, I am sure DH and I will be able to rekindle the lost spark and romance in our marriage.

Which romantic destination would you choose? Would it be a Caribbean romance for Valentine’s Day or a Sardinia for Valentine’s Day

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