Find Out More Before You Pop Your Pills

Being a health freak, I have a habit of checking almost all the medication prescribed to me and my kids before we pop those drugs.  I normally surf the internet to check on the ingredients of the drugs, which company manufactured the drugs and what side effects they will cause.  I also have a book as thick as the Yellow Pages on all the Vitamins and Minerals. I love poring books like this. I really don’t like the idea of popping drugs and supplements not knowing what they are made of and what side effects they will cause.

If you are just as cautious as I am with drugs and supplements, you will be glad to know that you can now get information on a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical companies and drugs databases of over 75,000 approved drugs and health products from These include generic drugs, prescription drugs, nutritional supplements, veterinary products, pet meds, cosmetics, drugs active ingredients, pharmaceutical companies, medical catalogs and much more. provide full prescription information about drugs registered in the USA, Canada, EU, Japan and other countries for consumers and healthcare professionals.  You can search by medical condition or by drug, and get the answer you need right away for FREE.

The next time your kids’ pediatrician prescribes your kids with some medication, do find out what you are actually feeding your kids at  At least you know what goes into your kids’ body and what side effects you may be expecting.

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