Fanciful Disney Biscuits


This is the box of fanciful Disney biscuits that sil gave the gals for X’mas – biscuits with prints of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them.  I thought they wouldn’t taste good as Japanese love to create fanciful food with attractive packaging that don’t taste good but I was wrong.  I am now hooked to these strawberry flavored biscuits!  They are really yummy and crunchy!

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I Am Shedding Skin!

Something really funny is going on with my skin.  I am shedding my old skin to get new skin!  Remember I had posted earlier about my dry and peeling skin?  First, the dryness and peeling were on my hands and tummy.  After about 2 months of skin peeling, I noticed several days ago that the ‘new’ skin on my hands and tummy is soooooo smooth, soft and supple just like baby skin!  Now, the skin on my legs is starting to peel.  When Alycia saw the awful skin on my legs yesterday, she said “mummy, your skin looks like santan!”  I burst out laughing when she said that coz I guess what she meant was the peeling skin looked like grated coconut!  Yes, she’s so right, the peeling skin really looked like grated coconut sprinkled on my legs ROFL!  Nevermind, I can expect to have smooth and soft skin on my legs very soon.   Boy, what’s happening to me?  Why am I shedding skin like a snake?  Can pregnancy hormones cause wierd things to happen like this?

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A Used Car Dealer That Even Finances Your Purchase

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X’mas Pressie From Hubby

Want to know what he gave me for X’mas?

A bottle of green tea perfume from L’occitane.  Well, I was quite disappointed coz I still have 2 big bottles of Elizabeth Arden green tea perfume in my closet.  Now, I have 3 huge bottles of perfume of the same fragrance!  I have a total of more than 20 bottles of perfume in my closet collected over the years when I was still employed.  I hardly use them ever since I became a SAHM.  Now, just tell me what I am going to do with them?  Dab a little on my neck and body before I go to bed every night to seduce him?  Could this be a hint from my man? LOL!

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Merry X’mas Everyone

After church service this morning, we spend the entire day at Mid Valley Megamall. The crowd was horrendous as expected. Spent 20 mins finding a place to park. We had a sumptuous lunch at Purple Cane Tea House at Gardens with the gals’ ‘khai yeh’ (godfather). What I love about their food is that almost all their dishes are cooked with tea leaves. Even their rice is cooked with tea leaves. No pix taken as I was so famished I had totally forgotten about it!

There was a Fairies’ Show shown at the Concourse Area of Mid Valley.  Although the show wasn’t as spectacular as the shows at Las Vegas,  it was still very impressive and entertaining.

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Young Achievers

I have always wondered how a friend of mine, together with her husband has so successfully built their empire of business in the advertising line. They are almost the same age as hubby and I but their success in their careers has far exceeded ours. At age 34, they have already owned a house in an upscale housing area, a BMW 5 series, A CRV, a business that is flourishing so well and lots of overseas vacation. Even their kids are sent to a private school. I wonder how they do it and they are not even university graduates. They must have engaged a really good management consultant and a Logistics management system to help them manage their business so effectively. One of these days, I should get from my friend the secret recipe to the huge success of her business.

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