Little Vietnam

We had Vietnamese food at this little restaurant called Little Vietnam @ Mid Valley Megamall last week, after the gals’ outing at Megakidz.  Little Vietnam is located on the utmost top floor, i.e where Megakidz is.

We ordered their signature dish, the flat rice noodles with beef balls and slices of beef. It was very tasty but the beef was a bit tough.

Spring rolls – very tasty.

Stewed beef noodles. Tasty but the beef was too tough to chew and swallow.

Vietnamese version of cendol – very refreshing with fresh coconut milk.

Food was overall tasty but the beef was a tad tough.  The next time we go there again, we would only order the beef noodles with beef balls and spring rolls.

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Nerve-racking Moments

There were 3 high paying opps from TigaP network since this morning but they were all shaded grey.  Each time the opp turned white (3 times), it took ages to load the page, then ages for the damn captcha to appear, then after I had typed the hard-to-decipher captcha (at times typed it wrongly), I had to wait ages again for the page to load only for me to see the dreaded words in red after the page is loaded.  Do you face such nerve-racking moments too when you try to grab opps from TigaP?

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A Vacation During Chinese New Year

Christmas has come and gone so fast and in just a few weeks’ time, it will be the Chinese New Year. I told hubby that I don’t feel like going back to my hometown this year as I can foresee the traffic is going to be horrendous. What I’d love to do during the Chinese New Year holidays is to go for a vacation or maybe get some super bowl tickets from to watch our favorite teams face-off at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Feb 3 next year. The best time to go for our vacation is during the Chinese New Year holidays as it’s the only time hubby is free to take a couple of weeks off.  What are your plans for the Chinese New Year holidays next year?

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Chinese Chestnuts

For a change in variety, I boiled some fresh Chinese chestnuts for the gals for breakfast several days ago. They loved them but it’s quite a laborious task to prepare the chestnuts. First my maid had to boil the chestnuts for at least 2 hours. When they have cooled down, both my maid and I had to use a sharp knife to break the hard shell and scoop the nuts out. But seeing how much the gals loved them was all worth the hard work. Chestnuts are healthy and wholesome too.

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A Candle-Light Dinner Tonight

Hubby and I are going to have a candle-light dinner at the Villa Danielli Italian fine dine restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial tonight to celebrate his birthday in advance.  There’s going to be a bottle of red wine for us to toast and a tasty cheese birthday cake too.  But no, it’s not going to be a romantic dinner for just the 2 of us.  Our kids and maid will be tagging along too.

You must be thinking that hubby and I are so filthy rich to be dining in classy restaurants and hotels so frequently eh?  No, we’re no where near rich, NO where ok.  The dinner tonight is FOC as hubby’s a member of Sheraton.  Since the voucher is expiring this month, we might as well use it tonight to celebrate his birthday in advance.  We got the vouchers when hubby paid to renew his membership at the hotel.   As for the wine and birthday cake,  we have to pay for a meal to be able to redeem these for FREE and we’re going to order a pasta or spaghetti for the gals to eat.  So tonight’s classy dinner would probably only cost us less than RM50, what a great deal eh?

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Old Man With An Old Junk

My granduncle who loves to collect vintage cars has a Ford Mustang that is almost as old as I am. For one who does not appreciate old cars, I can’t seem to find any beauty in that old Mustang but my granduncle loves his old junk and still drives around the town in his old Mustang. I think he must be the only person in town who still owns such an old Ford Mustang. Each time his Mustang Radiator breaks down, he has to wait for months for a new radiator to arrive from overseas as very few factories manufacture them these days. I think he will be very happy to know that he can know buy his Mustang radiator online from at discount prices. But I bet my grandaunt won’t be too happy as she’s always hoping that my granduncle will sell the old junk away that’s taking up a lot of space in the garden of their house.

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More Christmas Pressies

When Raymond kau fu (my eldest brother) came to KL last week, he brought X’mas gifts for the gals.  He got them more play dough, a lunch box play dough set and a banquet set play dough set.  That added to their collection of play dough to three sets.  Alycia who loves food and cooking loved the gifts but not mummy coz that spells trouble and more work for her! Those of you who have toddlers will know what I mean coz the mess they make after the play session is really terrible, especially removing the play dough stuck in their finger nails. Anyway, thank you very much Ray for the pressies!

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In A Holiday Mood

Yes I am and I have been waking up late for the past 2 mornings.  Offers have been scarce lately due to the long holidays in the U.S. and there’s no point waking up early to check for offers.  It feels good to be able to sleep up to 7:30am or 8am instead of waking up at 5:30am to start working. I better enjoy my sleep now before I have to start waking up early again when the gals go back to school next year, which is just in 5 days’ time.  Wow, time really flies when you’re having fun.   

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Online Search For Credit Card

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