An Italian Touch

The gals had a taste of fine Italian dining at Villa Danieli @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel on Thursday.

We ordered a spaghetti for the gals. Though there were lots of black pepper on the spaghetti, the gals nevertheless slurped up their spaghetti without any fuss or complaints that it was spicy.

Sherilyn who loves cheese having some Parmesan cheese grated into her spaghetti.  Mummy had forgotten to bring their bibs, so the gals had to make do with the napkins from the restaurant.

As the spaghetti was not filling enough, daddy ordered a pepperoni pizza (mistake, should not have ordered pepperoni) but the pepperoni sausage was very spicy.  So mummy ate all the pepperoni on their pizza.

Want to know what we ate too?  Hop on to my other blog to read on…..

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We’re Getting A Confinement Lady

After a long debate discussion with hubby last night, we he has finally decided to engage a CL. I told him that with both his mum and my mum helping me out together with a maid, we don’t really need a CL.  All my reasoning was rebuffed by him.  Well, what can I do now but to accept his decision coz he’s going to pay for the CL. I don’t want him to say “I told you so to get a CL in the first place” to me in the event the original plan did not work out well.  What he said is quite true coz my delivery is not a normal vaginal birth.  It will be my 3rd C-section and for the first week, I will not be able to get up to do anything as my wound will be too painful for me to get up and handle the baby.  I can’t expect my mum to wake up a few times in a night to help change the baby’s diapers as my mum has high blood pressure and can’t take sleepless nights.  My hubby has also said he can’t help out at night as he has to work the following day.  So his decision is final, he will hire a CL and my next task is to find one who’s good.

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and confinement stories.  To those of you who did not have a CL, my hats off to you wonderful tough ladies!

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Online Community For Horse Lovers

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