Boxing Day Breakfast

On Christmas day, we were out shopping at Mid Valley. Hubby bought some bacon and sausages from Cold Storage and on Boxing Day, he woke up early to cook them for us for breakfast.

The gals didn’t like scrambled eggs (and I ended up finishing half the plate) but loved the salty cheese sausages. I seldom buy deli meat like ham, sausages and bacon as they are loaded with sodium and preservative but eating them once in a blue moon is alright.

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Our Christmas Day

Hubby had bought this Yuletide log cake for my parents in Ipoh. We passed it to my brother at the hotel on the morning of Christmas but when he left the coffee house after breakfast for Ipoh, he had also left the cake behind.

So we brought the log cake home for the gals to have another cake-cutting session. We gave half the cake to our neighbor and my maid finished the other half. When it comes to creamy cakes, I can’t eat much, so my maid is the one who benefits from these cakes whenever there is a celebration.


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Wedding Made Easier

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Ipoh Ngar Choi Kai

We wanted to eat something light and soupy last Sunday, so we had Ipoh ‘ngar choi kai’ at Jalan Gasing PJ last Sunday after church. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it’s one of the oldest Ipoh ‘ngar choi kai’ restaurants in KL (over 30 years) and they have recently refurbished the restaurant. There are even misty fans outside the restaurant.

We ordered :

Chicken, pork balls and 2 plates of crunchy bean sprouts. Hubby and I love bean sprouts and we can even chomp down 1 big plate each ourselves.

Roast pork – not fantastic though as the top layer of the skin wasn’t crunchy enough.

Ipoh hor fun soup – very tasty and the texture of the hor fun was also very smooth.

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Strawberry Fondue

Alycia and Sherilyn had another surprise when we were at Paya Serai Coffee House @ PJ Hilton to celebrate Raymond’s kau foo’s birthday last week. It was the first time we all saw a chocolate fondue that’s pink in color – a strawberry chocolate fondue, how unique and attractive.

After their meals, daddy brought the gals to dip their choice of fruits on sticks into the flowing strawberry chocolate fondue.

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Fanciful Cloth Diapers

I notice that the latest craze most mommies are into now are fanciful cloth diapers for their babies.  I’ve never used them for both my gals and I don’t know how effective they are. I notice that most mommies buy at least a dozen of them though they are a tad pricey, so I suppose they must be really good. Reviews I had read from mommies at on these fanciful cloth diapers are good. I think I will get a couple of them to try it out on my baby. If you are keen to try on a new baby product, you can now read reviews from tens of thousands of moms from, a parenting website. There are reviews on baby products, which baby shop to buy what, which restaurants are baby-friendly and much more. Do check them out today. I have already bookmarked this website on my PC!

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