A Pregnant Mummy’s Crave

Today I craved for curry puff and fatt koa, aka Chinese muffins.  So I went to the nearby Chinese kuih stall to buy a gigantic curry puff with lots of chicken, potatoes and eggs as filling (which costs RM1.30 each) and a purple sweet potato fatt koa.  When hubby saw me eating these and sharing the fatt koa with the gals, got lecture from him again.  Ever since I am preggers, hubby does not like to see me eat hawkers food.  Each time he sees me eating fried vegetarian meehoon bought from the roadside van or any food bought from hawkers, he will give me a strict sideway glance and shake his head.  Worst still if he sees me feeding his 2 princesses with these food!  So I normally eat before he wakes up or after he is off to work, LOL!

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