Cravings Changing Like The Weather

My cravings are changing like the weather now.  During the initial months of my pregnancy, I only liked eating salty and spicy food, absolutely nothing sweet as they would make me feel nauseous instantly, and I felt hungry all the time.  At 20 weeks now, I feel bloated and full most of the time.  My crave for fried vegetarian meehoon and nasi lemak or curry noodles for breakfast has gone.  I don’t even have the appetite to eat even a slice of toast for breakfast. 

Instead, I now love fruits – all sorts and my latest craze is ‘kam kat’ or sweet tangerines from China and the mini mandarin oranges that are in season now.  Today, I ate a seedless guava, half a red dragon fruit, some big crunchy grapes and a glass of HL Marigold milk for breakfast.  At mid morning, I ate an egg yolk (coz Alycia hates egg yolks) together with the gals when they had their breakfast.  Also nibbled on some of the gals’ Pepperidge cheese fish biscuits. 

For lunch I was still feeling really full and only managed to force myself eat a slice of toast with peanut butter and a bowl of black chicken soup with snow fungus.  I am still feeling really full and bloated now.  I think I am the only pregnant woman who is feeling bloated and full all the time as I notice most pregnant women have appetite like a sumo wrestler!

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8 thoughts on “Cravings Changing Like The Weather

  1. When i was having Phoebe, i had morning sickness up to almost 6 months of pregnancy. Can’t eat much too. Can only take in liquids. No solids, else I’ll vomit it all out. Thank God she came out healthy and heavy. 🙂

    I had a tag for you at my blog. Check it out when you have the time ya.

  2. For me, first 3 months, didn’t feel like eating at all. Then, can eat but only certain times of the day and not much also. Hated rice when I was pregnant and now, my toddler hates rice as well. Coincidence??

  3. Hi..

    I am also pregnant and crave lots of things. I love vege and fruits now too and people said I’ll get a girl if I crave sweet thingy..i hope it’s true..i love your theme..i was looking for nice pink theme from wordpress but can’t seem to find what i like..hope they will add more in the future

  4. thanks for the super-duper fast response…guess you must be online now! Thanks also for your advice offer. Me feeling tired and worried (about bryan). also been carrying him esp now that he’s sick and very manja. Torn in-between lah….unborn and the born. Only thing i will do more of is pass bryan to my MIL on workdays and then i take MC to rest keke. No choice lah since Bryan still wakes up 2-3 times at night and i don’t have good rest. Meanwhile, you take care too yah!

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