X’mas Pressie From Hubby

Want to know what he gave me for X’mas?

A bottle of green tea perfume from L’occitane.  Well, I was quite disappointed coz I still have 2 big bottles of Elizabeth Arden green tea perfume in my closet.  Now, I have 3 huge bottles of perfume of the same fragrance!  I have a total of more than 20 bottles of perfume in my closet collected over the years when I was still employed.  I hardly use them ever since I became a SAHM.  Now, just tell me what I am going to do with them?  Dab a little on my neck and body before I go to bed every night to seduce him?  Could this be a hint from my man? LOL!

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11 thoughts on “X’mas Pressie From Hubby

  1. Hahahha… be grateful…at least u still hv present from your hubby… i hv non from him. Boring!!!
    Lelong your perfume la… mayb i ‘ll get one from you…hahahah…

  2. ha,ha…giving perfume is simple mah, without needing to think much…btw, I just bought for my mom perfume – Elizabeth Arden, Green Tea too as Christmas gift!!

  3. So the romantic one!!! I got nothing from the Hubs so I bought myself stuff la – with HIS money! I just discovered L’Occitane….yummy. Indulgence. Once in a year…..mahal la..

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