Happy Birthday Daddy

If you’re wondering why there are 2 knives, the knife that Alycia was holding is a musical knife.  It emits a ‘happy birthday’ tune when held at the handle. My sil bought it for us from Europe.  Each time there is a birthday cake cutting session, Alycia would request to cut the cake using this knife. 

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I’m Not Sending Sherilyn To Pre-School Yet

After sleeping on this tough decision, I’ve finally decided that I will delay sending Sherilyn to playschool for another 4-5 months, which means she will only go to pre-school in May or June this year.  I still feel Sherilyn is like a baby.  I didn’t feel this way when I sent Alycia to pre-school when she was 3 yo.  Maybe that’s because Sherilyn is the youngest and we have all been treating her like a baby.  She can’t even eat or drink anything without making a mess out of herself and the place nine out of 10 times.   Alycia was more independent than Sherilyn at her age. 

Since my third bb will only be due in April, I can still teach Sherilyn at home and spend more time with her when Alycia goes to school in the morning.  I know I will definitely have ‘separation anxiety’ and worry loads if Sherilyn goes to pre-school now.  She’s not even 3yo yet and still so babyish.   I hope I have made the right decision based on my maternal instinct.

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