Pregnancy At 24 Weeks

Today is the 24th week I’m into my pregnancy.  Went to Dr Patrick’s office this morning, the fetal specialist to have another detailed scan of my baby.  The right kidney is still around 6mm+ dilated, which according to the dr. is considered mild.  Dr Patrick told me that it is close to normal and reassured me that there is nothing to worry about and that the dilated kidney will most likely resolve by itself.  Baby is 600gm+ as of today.

During the 3D scan, my baby was sucking her thumb again, thus we could not see the lower part of her face. This little fella is always playing hard to get, always covering her face with her hand and despite the dr. shaking my tummy with the probe, she still didn’t want to budge her hand! Hopefully she will show her face when I next visit Dr Patrick again at 30 weeks for another 3D scan.  Really hoping to see her 3D face to see who she resembles!

For those looking for information to keep you prepared for giving birth, there are great medical sites that offer information. With articles on the best time to get pregnant, as well as early pregnancy signs, and finding birth video clips you are sure to get the best info possible.

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Pure Bliss

Sherilyn sure knows how to enjoy herself. She’s lying on a couch with her legs up and eating a sausage bun whilst watching the TV when we stayed at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel on Monday.  How nice it is to be a kid eh? There’re no worries or stress and all you need to do is enjoy life as it is.  Everything is taken care of for you by daddy and mummy. Sometime I wish I were a kid again, don’t you wish too?

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