I Will Be Maid-Less Soon

My maid will be leaving on Sunday next week.  My maid agent has just told me that my new maid can only arrive earliest end of Chinese New Year, which means that I will be maid-less for at least 1.5 months to 2 months. These maid agencies are just so good in enticing you to get a maid from them in the first place with all their empty promises and when you have paid the hefty sum, they start giving you excuses when the maid can’t arrive on the expected date. Gosh, I just don’t know how I am going to cope without a maid.  Most of the maid agencies that I had called only supplies part-time maids who come ONCE a week. 

If I am not pregnant, I think I will still be able to cope with the househouse chores but at 6-7 months preggers, I don’t think I will have the stamina to mop the floor of a 2.5 storey house over 2,000  square feet in built-up area everyday with 2 high-demand and whiny toddlers.  It will drive me up the pole.

What I plan to do after my maid has left us is :

1)  Send most of our dirty clothes, bedsheets, towels, etc to the laundry. Only kids’ clothes to self wash in washing machine.

2)  Don’t cook – lunch to eat out or eat simple food like sandwiches and dinner to cater from the kids’ former nanny.

3)  Do some of the light household chores like toilet and bathroom washing myself.  Leave the floor and stairs moping and windows cleaning to a part-time maid.

4)  Blog less and earn less for 1-2 months.

5)  Close one eye to dirt and dust and at the same time, learn to increase my tolerance to a not-so-clean house.

6)  And lose some sleep.

Meanwhile, if there’s anyone who can recommend an agency who can supply part-time maids on a DAILY basis, would be glad if you could give me the contact number of the agent.

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